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Again the crooked-shot. >,< But I do love this final shot, the look on Mitsuru's face is just GOLD! =D The way her body seems to be wrig...

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Oh my goodness! The way her sleeping face looks in this shot is just so beautiful! I especially love how well her make-up looks in this...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 3 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Now this is just beautiful! Her radiant sleeping face shows such innocence and vulnerability, her lovely long legs going limp in the at...



The morning after Will's big match,  6:50am to be exact,the girl who watched the tournament yesterday; Andrea, walks into the pro-league lounge typing onto her PDA.

"Okay, got my deck all ready to face to send him a challenge notification and hopefully, he accepts, if not I'll challenge him directly and-" Andrea started but then notices the man she's trying to send a message to is asleep on a nearby sofa. "...guess I'm not the only one who gets here early."

Will stretches as he walks towards the lounge. "Man...that was a tough night."

Noticing Will's approach, Andrea ducks into the hallway and hides her pressence by focusing on her PDA.

Will takes a seat and looks at his PDA. "Let's duel until the evening. Yumi...probably still sleeping. and Tacey..." Will sighed. "Still rejected her duel? What the hell?"

Michael yawned, startling Will who was too focused on his PDA to notice his acquaintence asleep to his right. "...morning...time is it?"

Will almost jumps of his seat. "Jeez! What the? What're you doing here?"

Michael shook his head slightly. "Sleeping, what does it look like?"

"What about your so-called 'comfy' room? Not enough for ya?" Will asked.

Michael checked his PDA to check the time. "...6:45...might as-well head back to...ah wait that's right, I've gotta go trade these in at the main office." Michael stated out loud whilst looking at his keys before noticing Will asked him something. " was 2am when I finally finished my last opponent...I was too tired to skate back so I napped here until I had enough energy to get going." Michael yawned again.

Will put his PDA away."You look like you need a coffee...why do you need to trade keys? Ranked up already?"

Michael got up and stretched. " PDA said I need to get a Tower of Neptunes or something..."

Will looks shocked. "Neptune? Already? How'd you get there that fast?"

Michael pressed a few buttons on his PDA before his eyes widened. "Ugh...even more?" Michael turned to Will and showed him his inbox. "I challenged 30 duelists...but then even more started challenging me even in person...and I've gotten 16 more challenges since then..." Michael explained, making the whole epxerience sounding like a chore.

Will folded his arms. "Can't handle the challenge? Or are you just bored?"

Michael sighed. "Bored...and I haven't had that much sleep in general lately...thought it'd be a bit rude denying people's challenges so...anyway I'm gonna go hand these in...get some sleep...and see what needs to be done..." Michael then walked off.

Andrea then walked over once Michael was out the door. " long did it take you to get to Neptune rank Will?" She asked in a rather curious yet skeptical voice.

Will turns around. "Six months. I actually lost my first rank-up, so I had to start over. That, and I had some other business to deal with."

Andrea folded her arms. "Well I've been here four months and I'm still Venus rank...but hopefully today's the maybe Silver got the same chance I did without knowing it."

"He's running himself dry. Taking on too many duelists is making him tired, and he's bound to make mistakes. If he keeps it up, he'll be too drained to continue." Will rechecks his schedule. "Hmm... says here you got a duel this morning. Jay Grahams, 'The Repo Man'."

Andrea nodded. "Yep, Saturn rank...and...don't ask how I got that match-up..."

"Maybe it's another drop-off like Manson was." Will commented.

Andrea raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean another drop-off?"

"Just a way of saying it's a duelist who might end up losing his rank. Manson was on the chopping block 'cause of a major losing streak." Will explained.

"And he said he was on a non-stop winning streak..." Andrea said to herself.

"Men will say anything to try and impress the girl they're after." George's voice came from behind Andrea, upon hearing this Andrea stormed off.

George shook his head as he approached Will. "That girl just won't put up with more than one person in a conversation..."

Will looks over to George. "Sir. Why was this duel scheduled? A Venus against a Saturn? That doesn't make much sense."

"Well Mr Kearney, you know what that girl is willing to bet in order to gain power...why exactly she's after it, you'd need a psychologist...but that Jay Grahams...he's had a thing for Miss Willow for quite some time." George chuckled lightly. "I remember being like that once...before I realised true beauty is in the personality of a person."

Will looks shocked. "The Repo Man has a thing for...are you kidding me?"

George's amused smile melted into a solemn look. "If you are truly surprised such people exist, then you have a long way to go with people Mr any case, if you wish to see it for yourself the match is happening for me, I have a cab waiting, both me and a few otehr Saturn duelists...the trains weren't working all ngiht for some strange reason..." Michael commented as he walked off.

"I'll try to remember that." Will said before walking over to the drink dispenser. "I think I'll watch the match from here. I need an OJ."

A while later, a few other duelists who also have early matches gather in the lounge with Will to watch the match with him.

Will checks his PDA as the match is moments from starting. "A message from Yumi? Hmm. 'Tacey's still not coming. See you at lunch.' This is really getting serious."

"Ladieeees and gentlemen, welcome to this morning's match! Let's get on with it before the people half-asleep doze-off! First in the black corner, the Cyborg Queen, Andreaaaaa Willow!" The announcer shouted.

Andrea stepped onto the field with her head down. "Why does he keep giving us such stupid titles...?"

"And in the white corner, if he loses Andrea will be promoted straight to Neptune rank, but he's not lost a match in almost a month, The Repo-Man! Jaaaay Grahams!!!"

The man looks in his mid-thirties, and seems dressed rather cleanly for his title: starched-color business shirt, tie, black pants and work shoes. The only thing that gives off his name is his black stubble and his duel disk - an old model that has seen better days. "Hey there, sunshine! How about we skip the theatrics and head straight for a nice little brunch?"

Andrea gritted her teeth. "We agreed...that I would go on a date with you...IF I lost..."

Jay shrugs as he activates his disk. "Can't say I didn't try."

Andrea activated her own disk, which was see-through like glass with a lot of technical hardware shown to be in it, upon activation, the inside of her duel-disk began to emit a lot of electrical volts which danced around.


"Ill start us off, draw!" Andrea stated.

"I'll summon Cyborg Scientist to the field!" 1500 attack, a strange purple skinned man in a large coat with a mechanical arm and leg leaped onto the field. "I'll set one card before activating his effect; destroying one card on my field to draw two cards!" The Scientist suddenly grabbed the set card and crushed it with it's mechanical arm. "But the card I set was Dark-coffin, meaning you discard a random card!" Andrea stated after she drew her two cards."

Jay takes a moment to shuffle his hand before flipping one card over. "Looks like it's gonna be Slot Machine."

Andrea looked back to her own hand. "Next I play double summon, allowing me to summon again this turn, so come to the field Cyborg Tiger!" 1800 Attack. A Tiger with a mechanical jaw and it's two front legs equipped with strange fuel tanks leaped onto the field. "Next his effect, by destroying this next set card, you skip your next battle-phase!" Cyborg Tiger bited down on the card, fillign up it's fuel tanks before turning to Jay and unleashing a sonic roar.

Jay plugs his ears. "Sheesh...for a sweet face like yours, you sure don't go for cute!"

Andrea gritted her teeth at Jay's comment. "And the card I destroyed was Statue of the Wicked, giving me a token!" 1000 Defense. "That ends my turn."

Will keeps an eye on the duel as he opens his orange juice. "She's playing it smart. Three monsters, and he has no chance of attacking. Wonder how he'll get out of that."

Jay looks at the field and shrugs. "Then it's my turn! Draw!" he lets out, drawing his next card. "First off, I play Dark World Dealings! We both draw a card, then send one to the grave. For my drop, I ditch 'Woodborg Impachi'!"

Andrea discards treeborn frog. "Thanks for that."

Jay smiled. "My pleasure, hun... and now, I play the spell card 'Junk Dealer'! Thanks to this, I can bring back 'Slot Machine' and 'Woodborg Impachi' back, but their attack points are cut in half!" Slot Machine: 1000 Attack. Woodborg Inpachi: 250 Attack. "Next, I play the spell 'Ancient Rules', so I can bring out a Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from my hand, so I special summon 'Neo Aqua Madoor' in defense mode!" 3000 Defense.

Will checked the field. "Three defense monsters...wait. Slot Machine is level 7, Woodborg Impachi is level 5 and...are you kidding me?"

"Hold on to something, sweetcheeks, 'cause I'm pulling out the stops on this one! I use Slot Machine, Neo Aqua Madoor and Woodborg Inpachi to Sequence Summon! Time to repossess, and I'm taking it all! Come forth, Replevin, the Repo Man!" (Rank B: 2500/3500) 3500 DEF The creature that appears looks like a giant made of storage units, cables, debt notes and in its core is a face much similar to that of 'Pot of Greed', only made in computer parts.

Will jumped to his feet. "How'd he get a Sequence monster?"

Andrea stepped back. "Please tell me they started including Sequence monsters in packs now..."

"Pretty snazzy, right? Let's just say I know a guy who OWED a guy. And speaking of 'owing', I activate Replevin's first special ability: Once per turn, I can banish one Normal Monster from my graveyard, and not only do you lose life points equal to its Attack, but you have to sent as many cards from the top of your deck to the graveyard... unless you hand over as many monsters from your field as it takes for you to match the level of the monster I banished!" Jay explained, pointing over to Andrea.

"What kind of effect is that?!?" Will exclaimed in shock.

Andrea kept a determined look. " who're you banishing...?"

Jay has a predatory grin. "I'll banish my Slot time you paid up! What'll it be: the top seven cards off your deck, or those monsters of yours?"

Andrea folded her arms before milling seven cards. "You know...if it was any other duelist...they'd be scared of losing cards...but with 40 cards, losing seven means nothing...especially when I've won next turn."

Jay's grin turns to a frown. "Big talk. You still take damage equal to Slot Machine's power!" One of the storage units that serve as an arm for the monster opens up, causing a cannon to appear, firing a massive bullet in Andrea's direction. "They say you hurt the ones you love, so I hope that hurt you good!"

Andrea tried to keep on her feet as the bullet hit her. 1700 LP

Jay looks at the last card in his hand. "I place this one card face-down and end my turn!"

Will lets out a sigh. "How corny can you get..."

Andrea closed her eyes.. "...let me tell you...or show much power is in this deck...and how much that mill gave me...come, fluff tokens!" 0 Defense. Andrea opened her eyes upon shouting the name of her tokens. "Not to mention the treeborn frog you yourself sent to my grave...but I'm afraid there's no room...draw!"

Jay scratches his head. "Huh? What's those puffballs doing here?"

"First, Scientist's effect, one of those tokens is gonna give me two more cards!" By Andrea's command, Cyborg Scientist crushes a token with it's huge arm.

"Next I'll set one card and for safety reasons activate Cyborg Tiger's effect, destroying the card I just set!" Cyborg Tiger eats the card, firing another sonic roar at Jay. "But the card I destroyed...was Chain Whirlwind, when this set card is destroyed, I can destroy one face-up card on the field, namely your Sequence Monster!" Jay cringed as his behemoth was blown away by a giant tornado.

"Don't think I'll take that lying down! I activate my trap: Cemetary Bomb! So, you'll take damage equal to the total number of cards in your graveyard times 100!" 700 LP.

Andrea didn't seem phased. "Next I destroy my Scientist and the remaining token to special summon two Cyborg Bears!" 2000 Attack. The bears that were brought to the field were robotic from the waist down allowing them to walk on two legs, and giant cybernetic like claws. "'re wide open, and I don't even need to attack with all my monsters...heck I still have 3 cards in my hand and the Statue of the Wicked token...bears, attack him directly." Both bears lunged at Jay, clawing at him.

"Ah hell..." Jay braces for the attacks, dropping to his knees after the consecutive mauling from each bear. 0LP.

Andrea began to walk off as Jay dropped to his knees, the monsters dissipating.

Will lets out a sigh of relief as he looks at the screen. "That was close. One more turn, and she'd had it."

"What a match folks, Andrea sure has come a long way since losing to the Infinity Duelist! And now she's climbed up to Neptune rank!" The announcer yelled.

"Ah come on, sweetums! Can't we just call it a date or something?" Jay called after her.

"C'mon Kearney, you saw how much she was holding back, that was not close at all..." A nearby duelist commented.

Will turns around. "What's it to you?"

The announcer suddenly got a note, looking shocked before he read it aloud. "U-um, apparently Jay Grahams was...using a card that doesn't exist...I'm afraid this means instant-dismissal Mr Grahams! Using fake cards is a definite no-no!"

Will turns back to the field. "He knows a guy who owes a guy...tch. Yeah right."

Tacey slowly walks in, her hood still up. "Nothing but cheaters and fakes..." she says as she leans against the soda machine, wearing the same clothes as she did the day before.

Will looks away from the screen and towards Tacey. "Huh, so you finally left your room. Where's Yumi?"

Tacey lowers her head. "Don't ask."

Will gets up and walks over to her. "Look. We're all worried, and moping around isn't gonna bring her back. Hell, I miss her as much as you do."

Tacey turns away. "You don't know anything. She was my legal guardian-"

Will quickly places a hand on Tacey's shoulder. "And she was my big sister!"

Tacey slaps Will's hand off. "Don't touch me!" she shouts before running off.

Will turns towards the soda machine, clenches his fist and slams it against the machine. "Damnit, Tacey!"

Tacey stops running half-way down the corridor before leaning against a locker, one hand clutching her burnt card. "Tierra...why did you save me? Why couldn't you have saved her?"
The evening after the tournament, Michael is being shown around his new home by Will, as the head of the Circiut requested him to, although Will is trying to take this as an opportunity to learn more about Michael and his Sequence monsters.

"Wooooow..." Michael peered up at the rather cramped but clean and painted red apartment complex above him. "I'll be staying here?"

Will looks at the rooms. "It's not much, but it's just a start. The more you duel and the better you do, the better the appartments get. This is just the first level - Mars Apartments. The Venus Complex is higher up, and then there's Neptune Tower and Saturn Housings a few blocks away, and the top-ranked duelists live in the Jupiter Villa."

Michael raised his eyebrow at Michael. " does that work exactly?"

"Ever played RPGs before? It's a bit like an experience system: the more you win, the more points you get. The more you lose, however, the more points they subtract. If you can't keep up with the game, you might end up with your butt on the pavement." Will explained.

"Hmmmmm, but as long as I'm in the league, the rent here is all paid for?" Michael asked as he looked down at his key, then back to the complex to see which floor his number is on.

Will lets out a sigh. "Pretty much. They deal with the basics, but if you want extras, you need to work for them...or should I say, duel for them."

"So, where do you live Will?" Michael asked as the two began to make their way up the steps.

"Neptune, but I'm hoping to reach Saturn soon. As much as I like the view, I prefer some quiet time. I heard there's a nice spot near the beach, something brand new. I'm hoping to be the first one there." Will replied.

Michael unlocked his front door, being on the second floor it's not much of a trip up the steps, however upon entering the room is revealed to be...less than spacious. What would take up the space of a normal living room is the whole apartment; a couch and table right inside the door-way, a very small kitchen behind it, a bathroom which seems to only hold a toilet, and a bedroom which can barely fit it's single bed inside.

Will shrugs. "Well, here's your start line. If you can duel yourself out of that hole, you'll go to bigger spaces."

However Michael was already lying down on the couch with his one small back-pack on the table, looking like he's about to fall asleep. "Maaaan this place is niiiice and cosy...don't know how you could do better than this." Michael stated with pleasure eminating from his voice.

Will looks at Michael with a confused expression. "You call that cosy? Believe me kid, once you get to Venus, you'll think you're living in a mansion compared to this place..."

Michael looked up at the ceiling with his usual half-asleep expression. "Hmmmm...don't know if I'd be for that...I preffer small cosy places..." Michael looked over to Will. "That's why I always stay in, small, warm...and some are within walking distance of great 24/7 stores."

Will leans against the doorway. "You're an odd case. Speaking of which, what were those cards you used before? Never seen that kind of summoning before."

Michael remained silent for a moment. " I thought you were just being neighbourly...but as you might've heard me during the duel, they're Sequence monsters...their summoning conditions can be very specific but as the name implies, the monster levels have to be in a sequence like; 1, 2, 3...6, 7, 8, ones usually need 5."

"Rule number one of Pro League: always know your opponent. Rule number two: duelists don't always play." Will says before looking down. "Believe me, I know what I'm talking about..."

Michael looked over at Will. "...where did that come from? But by 'duelists don't always play' I'm guessing it's same rules as outside a; only if the other person accepts."

Will: "First, it comes from experience. Not all duelists do it for the money or for the glory. Some duelists, they play for keeps. You can end up doing solos, team duels, battle's always good to know your partners and your opponents, 'cause they can end up going the other way around."

Michael: "...I'll probably stick to just solo...I don't play well with others..."

Will lets out a sigh as he walks out. "Suit yourself...anyways, I got a match in a bit. You can always check from the private area. Heck, if you're lucky, you might meet some of my friends."

Michael got up with a grunt. "Sure I'll come with...but check what from the private area?"

"The match, lazy bones. You can't just snooze around the clock, kid." Will replied as the two left the room.

Michael narrowed his eyes as he locked up the room. "Okay you've only called me that twice old are you?" Michael asked, annoyance slightly rising in his voice.

Will: "Twenty."

Michael turned with a heavy sigh. "I'm twenty six..."

Will: "You don't look like it...and you sure don't act the part. Anyways, I gotta head off. Bet Yumi'll be bored."

Michael let off one last comment as Will started to walk off. "...and for the record you don't get to call people 'kid' until you're at least middle-age dude..."

Will checks his watch before running towards the stadium. "Feels like those first-turns were just lucky shots...let's see." He says to himself as he pulls out a note. "Brad Mason's my opponent...great. Thanks for the intel, Yumi."

Michael almost glides past Will on a skateboard. "...what's that about first turns?"

"I don't have time to talk. I got a match to get to, and a gunslinger to deal with." Will replied.

Michael looked ahead at the stadium. "You know, maybe in future to get to places faster get some form of transportation."

Will keeps up the running pace. "Very funny."

"I'm not being funny, I'm trying to give you some advice..." Michael responded as he kicked the ground to keep his level of speed.

Twenty minutes later, the duel stadium is roaring with people as the intro light show begins. "Welcome to all duelists! You want some action? Then it's time to bring it! Today's main event is gonna be one smokin' duel from the west, as Brad 'The Gunslinger' Manson takes on the Infinity duelist himself, William Kearney, for a shot at Saturn! Let's meet our duelists!"

Michael rubbed his eyes. "Man, I know this place is big but do they need that many lights?"

The lights shine down on a barrel-chested man dressed as a modern-day gunslinger - stone-washed jeans, rugged cowboy hat and an overall gritty look, his duel disk shaped like a shotgun.

"First, the challenger! From Austin, Texas, the duelist with the lightning-fast trigger, the Gunslinger himself, Brad Manson!"

"No way you're getting through me!" Manson declared as he raised his duel-disk.

Another spotlight shines down on Will as he enters the dueling field.

"And his opponent, from Dublin, Ireland, the 'Infinity Duelist', William Kearney!"

Michael folded his arms, stood in front of the TV at the private lounge. "...never would've guessed he's from Ireland."

As the duelists stare at one another, Yumi walks into the lounge, carrying a bag of pretzels. "Oh maaaaan....I am sooo late!" she says before hurriedly sitting down next to Michael. "Phew...nearly missed the start."

Michael was startled by Yumi's decision to sit next to him. "Gah! Whoa um...s-sorry if you want this sofa I-I can get up and stand over there..." Michael seemed to be at a lost for words, though it can't be told if it's from shyness or from surprise.

Yumi looks at Michael. "Huh? Oh, nah, I'm good...I'm Yumi Dokeshi, by the way." she says before opening her bag and tilting it towards him. "Pretzels?"

"U-um sure, thank you...I'm Michael Silver..." Michael replied as he took a pretzel.

"You're the new guy, right?" Yumi wondered as she grabbed a pretzel and put the bag down by her feet. "Bet we'll have uber totes of fun!"

"Y-yeah definitely..." Michael commented, still either shaken up or showing signs of shyness.

On the screen, and in the stadium, the duelists drawing their opening hands. "ARE YOU REAAADDYYYYY!!!!"

"Let's duel!"

Mason drew his sixth card. "I'll start this off! I summon 'Flintlock Dragon' in attack mode!" 2100 ATK. "Next, I place two cards face-down and end my turn!"

Will examines the dragon, whose mouth looks like the nuzzle of a flintlock rifle. The overall look of the creature seems semi-mechanical, as if a cross between dragonic and steam-punk. "It's my move! I draw! I'll start by summoning 'Infinity Gunblader' in attack mode!" The monster that appears is a spiky Brown-haired man with a goaty, a long leather overcoat with classy trousers, and a blade that looks like it has been imbedded in the barrel of a shotgun.

Michael sighed. "Too many guns these days..."

"You should see what else he's got." Yumi commented.

Mason laughed. "Like that'll do you any good! He only has 1900 attack points! And I'll make it even harder for you, by activating my face-down card, 'Tracer Bullet'! Thanks to this card, by putting my monster in defense mode, it can shoot down your monster and drop its attack by a thousand!"

The dragon fires a smoking shot that strikes Gunblader in the shoulder, making him drop to his knees, his ATK now 900.

Michael face-palmed. "Why did he use that now instead of waiting for a powerful monster to be summoned...?"

"Umm, maybe because he's trying to save his bacon? You never saw Will duel, have you?" Yumi asked.

Michael rubbed the back of his head. "But with that 500 defense...against the now 900 attack...yep, no doubt the stupidest move I've seen all week."

Will looks at the field. "Next, I activate the Field spell 'Fractured Dimension'!" The entire dueling field seems to darken, as if the TV screen was showing a 1950's static in the picture. On the other side of the field, Flintlock Dragon begins to darken as his eyes turn red, his DEF increasing to 1400.

Manson looks at the field, then at his monster. "The hell? What's going on?"

"You'll find out soon enough! I play the Equip Spell card 'Divergence Catalyst' on Flintlock Dragon!" Will exclaimed as he played the card in question. "I place two cards face-down and end my turn!"

Mason laughed again. "You're dumber than you look! I draw! First off, I switch Flintlock Dragon to attack mode!" 3100 ATK

"This coming from the guy who last turn wasted a good trap card..." Michael commented.

"Next, I activate my face-down card, Snipe Shot! By sending one card from my hand to the grave, I get to destroy your monster, and you take a thousand points of damage!" Mason continued.

Will braces himself as his Gunblader is destroyed, his life points dropping to 3000.

Mason pointed over to Will. "Next up, I'll have Flintlock Dragon attack directly!"

Will clenches his fist. "I activate 'Infinity Neko''s special ability! By sending it from my hand to the graveyard, I can cancel out your attack!"

"Say what?!?" Mason shouts as an oversized cat leaps unto Flintlock Dragon's face and makes it shoot at the ground, missing the target by a mile. "That won't save you! I summon my other Flintlock Dragon!"

Will raised his hand. "Then I'll activate my trap card, 'Divergence Denial'! Since you just summoned a monster with the same name as one that's already on the field, I can banish that one!"

Manson looks at the remaining cards in his hand. "I'll place one card face-down and end my turn."

Michael leaned back to get cosy on the couch, taking a bite of the pretzel. "Very laid back this duel...compared to the tournament this morning I mean..." Michael commented, seeming content.

Yumi looks back at Michael. "Y'know, not all duelists like big one-turn kills. Some people like to lay it out longer."

Michael looked back at Yumi. "I wasn't trying to be negative...I also like to 'lay it out longer'...just the people I duel don't seem to think the same way."

"I summon 'Infinity Summoner' in attack mode!" (Level 4, 900 ATK) The creature that appears is a yellow-haired girl in a gothic dress, holding a scepter as big as herself. "Next, I activate her special ability, allowing me to summon another 'Infinity' monster from my deck, so I summon 'Infinity Battle Medic'! (Level 4, 1500 ATK). The creature that appears is a boyish fighter dressed as a scientist/doctor, his hands covered in gauntlets.

Yumi: "'s all big booms and pows! At least Will plays smart!"

Michael looked back at the screen. "Something tells me Will's going for a big boom right now..."

Will: "Now, I overlay Battle Medic and Summoner! With these two creatures, I build the Overlay Network and Exceed Summon, 'Infinity Lancer'!" (Rank 4, 2400 ATK) The form that appears is that of a white-haired Young man, partially armored in black, holding an oversized spear in his hands.

"That's it? Please, I got bigger, and I can go bigger still! I activate my trap 'Exceed Snipe'! Thanks to this card, I can detach all of your Exceed Materials and special summon a monster from my hand whose level are equal to that of your Materials! So, since your monsters are level 4, I'll summon my level 4 'Matchlock Dragon'!" (Level 4, 1800 ATK) The creature that appears looks like a dragon built into an oversized, sixteenth century rifle.

Will smiled. "You know what? I should say thanks."


"Since you rid my monster of its Exceed Materials, I can use it to Exceed Summon even further!"

"Ah, come on!"

"I use Infinity Lancer to rebuild the Overlay Network! Chaos Exceed Evolution! Warrior of the lost dimensions, appear and rain your brutal justice upon the wicked! I Exceed Summon 'Infinity Survivor'!" (Rank 5, 2600 ATK) The monster that appears ressembles the other previously on the field in size, but wears a red-and-black armor that has seen better days, and holds a pair of twin blades shaped like scythes.

"Thanks to Fractured Dimension being on the field, 'Infinity Survivor' gains 600 ATK points!" The air around the damaged warrior begins to turn red as his ATK increases to 3200.

"Pfft...even if you beat Flintlock, I'll barely take a scratch!"

"I activate my quick-spell, 'Rescue from Fractured Dimension'! Since Fractured Dimension is in play and you have a monster not affected by it, I can take control of it!"

"You're crazy!" Matchlock Dragon breaks down to pièces before reappearing on Will's field. "Shit!"

Michael scratched his ear. "Wouldn't call that a 'rescue' would you?"

" see, the monster that has the highest attack points of all the monsters on the opponent's field gets the boost from Fractured Dimension, and if that monster is destroyed, the Field spell goes too...along with everything on the other side." Yumi explained.

"Infinity Survivor, attack Flintlock Dragon!" The damaged warrior vanishes from Will's side of the field before appearing in front of the dragon before slicing it apart, Manson's life points dropping to 3900. "Next, Matchlock Dragon, attack directly!"

The oversized fuse of the monster lights up before a burst of power explodes from the nuzzle, knocking Manson back and dropping his life points to 2300.

The image begins to clear as Fractured Dimension is sent to the graveyard, Matchlock Dragon still on Will's side of the field. "I end my turn."

Michael leaned forward as he saw the image clear. "Ahhhh I see...that's interesting."

Mason drew his card. "I banish my two Flintlock Dragons from my graveyard to summon 'Desperado Dragon'! (Level 8, 3000 ATK) The monster that appears is a massive steel-colored dragon with massive cannon-shaped horns, a laser scope attached to its right eye. "Now, I activate its special ability: once per turn, by sending one card to the graveyard, my dragon can attack every monster on your side of the field! So, lock on and wipe his monsters out!"

Manson's dragon fires a massive amount of projectiles, gunning down Matchlock Dragon, dropping Will's life points to 1600, before firing another barrage at Infinity Survivor. "That'll shut you up..."

"Look again..." Will commented.

Manson waits for the smoke to clear, and is shocked to see Infinity Survivor up, Will's life points having dropped to 1200. "How's that busted-up monster still on the field? He should be swiss cheese!"

"Survivor's ability: I sent his only Exceed Material to the graveyard to make sure he survived the fight."

Manson looks back at his hand. "I end my turn."
Will calms down as he begins his turn. "It's time...I draw!"

Yumi leaned forward. "Wait for it..."

"I summon 'Elemental Spirit Sylph!'" (Level 4, 1400 ATK). An emerald tornado appears on the field then quickly fades as a jade-skinned fairy the size of a child, dressed in a pilot cap and goggles, as well as short shorts, a bulky t-shirt and work boots appears on the field. "Thanks to Sylph's special ability, whenever she's summoned to the field, I can lock on to one card you control and send it spiralling back to your hand!"

Manson looks on, slack-jawed, as a massive tornado blows Desperado Dragon off the field. "I-I'm wide open!"

Will smirks and then points as his opponent "Then it's time we end this! Infinity Survivor, take out the rest of his life points!" Infinity Survivor dissapears yet again from the field, before appearing in front of a startled Manson before the duelist was blown off his feet by the Exceed monster's attack, his life points dropping to zero.

The annoncer looks down at the field. "And we have a winner! Let's hear it for Will Kearny, the Infinity Duelist!"

Yumi cheers on - quite loudly - in the duel lounge. "Alright, alright! He did it! Wahoo!"

Michael scratches the side of his face. " was interesting...but not amazing, that gun-dragon deck was pretty bad."

Yumi turns around and makes a sour face. "'re no fun!"

Michael sat up straight. "S-sorry...I've just seen a lot of crazy duels is all..." Michael replied, seeming very apologetic to Yumi.

"No need to apologise Mr Silver." A rather gravelly voice came from behind. "Mason had his demotion coming a looong time, at this rate he'll be down to Mars before the end of the week." Yumi and Michael turned around to see it's the middle-aged duelist who was with Tacey that morning.

Yumi grabs her pretzels with one hand and waves at the man with the other. "Heya captain! How's it flying?"

The man simply nods at Yumi before continuing. "Which is why I'm glad somebody like you joined Silver...though I do miss your Hero deck."

Michael stood up and stretched. "Yeah well...things happened...and since you know my name mind if I grab yours?"

The middle aged man held out his hand, introducing himself when Michael shook it. "George Stone, Saturn duelist...maybe one day you and I will duel but, I'd rather you prove your worth here in the league first."

As soon as his hand was free, Michael brought it to the back of his neck. "Maybe...I mean I checked my mail before getting here on the PDA they gave me and...a lot of duelists have already challenged me so, maybe I'll try a clear-out if that's possible."

Yumi checks her own PDA, then looks for Michael's. "Really? I wanna see!"

George nodded. "You do that...well then if you'll excuse me, I have a train to catch, been invited to a tournament in Buckaroo Town..." George started walking off. "Oh and by the'll see other spirits flying about the palce here Mr Silver..."

Michael looked to his deck. "Other spirits huh..."

Yumi looks at the two before spotting a familiar face, partially hidden Under a heavy grey jumper. "Hey! Nice to see you around, Tace!"

The girl walks by without saying a word. "Aww, she's still bummed out." Yumi comments before walking after her. "Tacey, wait up!"

Michael activates his PDA. "Hmmm...wonder who out of this lot might carry a duel spirit...ah well might as-well go random for my first duel here."

Michael presses a few buttons then looks over to say goodbye to Yumi but notices something strange...a faint, floating form over Tacey. Whatever the duel spirit used to be, it's now covered in 3rd degree burns, scars and blisters. The only traits he could make it is that Under the burnt armor and torn clothes, there is a golden-skinned female creature who looks like she has spent a month in the Burning Abyss.

Michael can't help but stare. "...well no cause to pry now...besides, if Yumi knows her, so does Will...and maybe a few others." Michael looks back to his PDA. "And those few others just might be on my list of thirty duelists who want to rumble."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 2
Time for Will to show Michael what kind of deck he's running.
In Connect City, the Diamond Dome, a fierce Tournament wages on, for it's grand prize is addmitance into the Pro League.

Duelists from all over are peeled to their screens - the wealthier and more fortunate ones watching the duel from the audience - as duelists throw down with all they have to become champion. While many have experienced the bitterness of defeat, a few are climbing to the top.

"Go Fallen Warrior Lucy! Attack his Fluffy token!" One duelist dressed in a purple tux, golden hair complementing his blue eyes which pierce his opponent; a regular joe with a denim jacket and track-suit trousers.

A female knight, her armour rusted but matching her wounded skin, equipped with a claymore and falchion, both being equip cards, slashes at the fluffy token with 0 defense.

"And with the effect of 'Forbidden Claymore; Attila', Lucy deals piercing damage!" The tuxedo-wearing duelist proclaims as his opponent drops to his knees. 0LP

"What a faaaantastic match! Truly this is the little brother of the one-time champion, ladies and gentlemen going to the semi-finals it's Lucian Flare!" The MC exclaimed, the crowd roaring as the two duelist left the field.

Meanwhile, up in a private balcony, duelists from the pro-league watch to see who'll be joining their branch.

One man takes a moment to look at the winner before rubbing the back of his neck. "Lucian Flare...boy, I haven't heard the name 'Flare' in a long time." The Young man, runs a hand through his messy light-brown hair, his dark-blue eyes darting back to his own duel disk. "Competition's gonna be hairy..."

Another duelist, a young woman with bleached hair ending with pink tips, dressed in a dress suit that looks one size too big for her frame, tugs at the sleeves of the man's white chemise. "Will! Help me out!"

The man whose name is revealed to be Will gets up, dusts his black business pants and adjusts his steel-and-black duel disk - the design shaped like a curved sword - and turns towards the girl. "Yumi, you really need to stop borrowing clothes and find something that're embarassing yourself!"

Yumi pulls her tongue at the Young man. "So what? It's not like she cares much about it..."

Will sits back down. "How many times do I have to tell you: she needs her alone time!"

"In any case Will, regarding the 'competition'..." Another female voice came from behind; a girl with dark brown hair in a ponytail, her green eyes fixed upon the field and clothed in a white tank top, long black fingerless gloves, black jeans and green canvas shoes. "If you think that spoiled brat is something...then you clearly didn't keep an eye on the 'Guardian' user in the preliminaries..."

"I would have... had Yumi stood still." Will replied.

"If it means anything, thanks for the pretzels!" Yumi added.

Will ignored Yumi for a moment before looking back at the brunette. "So, what's the story with that one? I thought they already made enough Guardians as it is."

The brunette raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Will shook his head. "...nevermind. You're probably too young to remember."

The brunette sighed. "Whatever...oh, there he is." She points over to one of the two duelists entering the field;

A slender man with blue eyes, short black hair with blue, blonde and green tints, wearing a purple hooded sweater, white jeans and brown hiking boots. Though his duel disk stood out the most; the material couldn't be told from sight as is seemed to be a mix of metal and/or stone, strange markings carved into the side and into the slots.

"He sure likes color!" Yumi exclaimed.

"...says the class clown." Will commented.

"Hey! Just because I don't take anything seriously, doesn't mean you have to be Mr. Grumpypants!" Yumi retorted.

"Just...sit down and shut up for a minute..." Will requested.

"Yeah I...don't understand his fashion sense either but...that disk of his...his monsters kinda have the same thing'll see." The brunette explained.

The MC walked onto his little balcony that oversaw the field. "Oooookay ladies and gents, time for the second match in the semi-finals! Whoever wins this faces Lucien Flare in the finals, so let's go! Michael Silver! Versus, Hans Yule!" The duelist's names appeared before their cam-shot on the huge monitor.

Yumi looked confused. "What kind of name is Yule?"

Will however rubbed his chin in thought. "Hold on...Silver, huh? Feels like I heard that name before."

"Ready....duel!" The MC declared as 4000 LP appeared above each duelist on the monitor.

Both duelists drew 5 cards before the strangely dressed Hans took initiative.

"I'll start us off, draw! Now first, let me activate Best Seller! I send 5 cards from the top of my deck to special summon one 'Candy' monster from my hand, so start the party Candy General!" 2000 Attack, a gingerbread man with licourice armor and a chocolate sword came to the field.

"Hmmmm, only one in the grave? Then let's activate this; Out of date! I discard two candy cards to, draw 2 more cards!" Hans continued.

Yumi beamed. "Candy? Sweet! I love candy!"

"Yumi, pipe down!" Will shouted.

"Then I activate Foolish Burial, guess I'm spoilign the surprise but I send my third 'Candy Solider' to the grave!" Hans exclaimed.

"I set the last two cards I have in my hand and end my tuurn." Hans let his bread-like duel disk rest at his side.

The brunette narrowed her eyes. "Here it comes..."

Will looks back at the brunette. "Here what comes?"

Hans raised his disk again. "BUT! Before that, come to the field, my Candy Soldiers!" 800 defense, suddenly all candy soldiers were summoned from the grave. "You see, when Candy Solider is in the graveyard, but I control a face-up candy card, he is special summoned to the field during the end-phase! Also..." Candy General suddenly grew in size. 3500 Attack. "Candy General gains 500 attack for every other 'candy' card on the field!"

"Whoa! That's huge for a first turn!" Yumi shouted.

"The prize is a seat in the Pro League, so go big or go home." Will commented.

Andrea kept her fierce gaze on the other duelist known as Michael. "...somehow I think even that combo won't phase this guy."

Michael looked half-asleep. "...sorry I haven't faced that many Candy decks, you done with effects yet or...?"

Hans' silence confirmed the end of his turn as Michael drew his sixth card.

"Spunky, isn't he? Who'd space out in the middle of a duel?" Will thought aloud.

Yumi raises her hand.

Will face-palmed. "I shouldn't've asked..."

"Alright, let's see...hmmm, well first I'll summon Guardian of the Woods: Khalda!" 1700 attack, a green-skinned humanoid wearing animal skins, a strange flute attached to her waist and wearing a strange mask which looked very similar to Michael's duel disk, even matching the glowing golden lights now coming from the markings.

Hans raised his hand. "Halt, quick-play spell; flavour change, I remove two 'candy' cards from the grave to change an opposing monster's effect to 'can't attack monsters in defense mode'."

Michael looked unimpressed. "You thought I was gonna use his effect to have another monster attack twice this turn? Well I guess that could've worked...but...thanks for the spell card, because if an opponent activates a spell card I can special summon from my hand; Guardian of the Breeze: Chulupu!" 2200 attack, a strange purple beast with giant wings and giants hands where talons would be. weilding a similar mask to Khalda flew onto the field. "And finally, since two 'Guardian' monsters were summoned this turn I can special summon from my hand; Guardian of the Crossroads; Kyumei!" 2100 Attack. A light blue four-legged beast with 6 long transparent tails and wielding another mask, teleported onto the field.

Hans laughed. "Kyumei, ah I know his effect you used it in the preliminaries, it can change the battle positions of two of my monsters once per turn...but Candy Soldier even in attack mode won't take battle damage...destroyed yes but I won't take any damage to my life points."

"Someone's being cocky." Yumi commented.

Michael rubbed the back of his head, his eyes still half-shut. "...well not really, no I think it's time I brought out a Sequence monster this tournament."

Hans' eyes widened. "W-wait what!?"

Will cocks an eyebrow. "Sequence?"

Mcihael raised his hand to his monsters. "Khalda being level 4, Kyumei 5 and Chulupu being needed to be Wind for this to work, that being Chulupu...all combine their power, letting it loose in one wild dance they bring forth the Guardian of the Sky..." All three monsters began moving strangely as if choreographed, before glowing and exploding in a cascade of light.

The brunette gritted her teeth. "O-okay I have no idea what's going on!"

Michael pointed to the sky where the remaining light was. "Sequence summon, Guardian of the Sky: Ulusium!" 2400 Attack. A dragon, with the same mask as the other Guardians, rose from the light like an illusion, on scale it was the same size as the now 20" tall Candy General but much wider due to it's horned, scaley but still feathered wings, the same material the mask was made from also went along the underbelly of this great beast with the same markings, it's tail was covered in the same scales and feathers and wings, but had a strange set of glowing golden rings at the end.

Hans panicked. "T-trap card; Bottomless trap hole!" But the card shattered upon activation under Ulusium's gaze.

Michael folded his arms. "During the turn Ulusium is summoned, the opponent can't activate trap cards..."

Will looks at the card. "What the..." Will turns to look at the other girl "Andrea, what kind of monster is that?"

Andrea's expression was one of pure shock. "I-I thought you'd know! I haven't even heard of Sequence summon or Guardians!"

"Whatever that thing's not the Guardians I know!" Will replied.

Michael pointed at one of the Candy Soliders. "Go Ulusium! Attack the first Candy Soldier!" Ulusium flapped it's enormous wings a few times before soaring at tremendous speed into the marshmallow soldier, ripping it in two.

Hans let out a sigh of relief, looking at his general with now 3000 Attack. "Well...I thought it'd have a more dangerous effect...but-" Hans noticed Ulusium had not stopped moving, but another ring had appeared on his tail and now seemed faster. 2600 Attack.

Michael folded his arms. "Ulusium's main effect, when it destroys a monster by battle, it gains 200 attack and can attack go Ulusium! Attack the second and third Candy Soldier!" Hans could do nothing but watch as Ulusium at light-speed eviscirated his remaining candy soldiers. 3000 Attack.

Andrea was almost shaking. "...that's like a flying Stygian Sergeants..."

"A flying...huh?" Yumi was confused by Andrea's statement.

Michael looked at the now tiny Candy General with only 2000 attack without the soldiers. "...Ulusium destroying General will leave you with 3000 LP...after that he can attack again..."

Hans stopped shaking, and looked down with a smile as Ulusium ran over Candy General. 3000 LP 3200 Attack. "...and you still had three cards left in your hand...guess I was really out of my league here..." Ulusium knocked Hans onto his back. 0LP.


Will frowns as his looks at the result. "First turn kill...this isn't the kind of sport I'd go for..."

"And...he had three un-used cards...if they were anything like the cards he used...Will-" Andrea turned to look at Will. " you think if he went full out he could've done two of those Sequence summons?"

"Maybe...guess we'll have to look into this 'Sequence summoning' thing a bit." Will replied.

"Hey, I want some too!" Yumi added.

Meanwhile, at the Pro-Circiut arena's lounge, a few duelists watch the tournament on TV.

A duelist with grey hair and a grey goatee looked at a card in his hand. " that's a Sequence summon eh? Been wondering how that works..."

Another duelist looks silently at the screen, one hand clutching against a pendant around her neck, her grey hoodie covering her hair save for a few strands of yellow, her baggie cargo pants doing the rest in covering her up. The only thing that stands out is how pale her face is, and streaks of smudged mascara that streamed down her cheeks.

The grey-haired duelist glanced over at the girl, then back to the screen. " saw it too...?"

The girl wipes her face with her sleeve. "Yeah..." The girl looks back at her burnt card. 'Where'd you go, Tierra?' She thinks to herself.

Back at the dome, Michael Silver and Lucian Flare walk onto the field, Lucian waving to the crowd whilst Michael looks a mix between bored and tired.

Lucian narrows his eyes but smiles over at Michael. "I'll admit that Sequence summon of yours is...surprising, but I guarantee you nothing can stop the deck my brother gave me."

Michael sighed. "...if you're gonna do the same thing you've done this entire tournament then you won't last a single turn against me man."

Lucien stomped his foot in rage before raising his duel disk. "Why...okay I was going to go easy on you but-"

Michael raised his disk as he interrupted. "Yep, only one turn it is then...well at least I can head off earlier than planned."


Both duelists drew their opening hand, Lucien in his rage drew and started his turn without warning.

"First I special summon Fallen Warrior - Matthew!" 400 defense. "With no monsters in play, I can special summon him from my hand, then his effect; allowing me to add another Fallen Warrior from my deck to my hand, so I'll grab Fallen Warrior - Ken, then normal summon him!" 1000 Attack. Lucien gave the cards in his hand a disgusted look. "This won't do; I activate Disgraced Forge! Discarding Lucy from my hand, to add one 'Forbidden' equip spell to my hand from my deck, and I choose Forbidden Longsword; Lobera!" Lucien then suddenly slammed down four spell cards onto his field; "I activate the Forbidden weapons; Longsword; Lobera, Falchion; Joyeuse and Claymore; Attila and finally an Axe of Despair to Ken!" 4600 attack.

Michael seemed unphased.

Lucien grinned malicously. "Don't think those cards just increase attack, for one with Matthew on the field you can't change my monster's battle position, Attila lets Ken attack twice, Joyeuse gives piercing damage and Lobera makes sure he can't be banished...add that to the fact that if Ken were to be destroyed, I can destroy a card equipped to him instead."

Andrea looked over to Will. "Um...Will...y-your thoughts? A hole in that set-up?"

"He's not thinking. That guy's dueling with rage. If that guy can disarm Ken, he'll be a sitting duck." Will replied.

"How can one monster handle that many Swords anyways? Does he have four arms? Oh! Maybe he can juggle! I love jugglers!" Yumi added.

"Still...with Heavy Storm banned...there's almost no way to take out that many equip cards..." Andrea commented.

"Why not bounce'em? Like those big floating houses?" Yumi suggested.

Will looks back towards Yumi. "That's the one smart thing you said all day."

Yumi blushes like a fangirl. "Aww...flattery will get you nowhere!"

" forget, when those cards are destroyed, you take 500 damage for each one..." Michael pointed out as he drew his sixth card.

Lucien narrowed his eyes. "...even if you draw an MST this turn, that's only one equip spell destroyed and you can be I'll be drawing more of them."

Michael looked at his hand. "First I summon Guardian of Fish; Ruba!" 0 Defense, a strange small creature, turqoise but wearing the usual strange mask, coming out of a curved shell with similar markings to the mask and small tentacles appeared. "When he's summoned he changes to defense mode, then I can search my deck for a 'guardian' I add Guardian of the Clouds; Sincet! And when she's added to my hand through a card effect I can special summon her!" 1600 Defense, an almost transparent humanoid creature with feminine attributes and a long tail draping over the cloud she's sitting on materialised. "Next, I'll be special summoning Guardian of the Home: destroying your Axe of Despair!" Suddenly a dog-like creature with yellow skin and red fur in unusual places, bearing the usual mask appeared in front of Ken, roaring in front of it causing the Axe of Despair it had on it's back to explode. 3500 LP.

Lucien cringed. "I tribute Matthew to add Axe of Despair back to my hand!"

Michael sighed. "You know I can just summon Kyumei now right...?" Michael lowered the arm which was carrying his cards. "But I won't...I wanna do one more Sequence summon to show you the weakness of your deck...level 1 Ruba, Level 2 Raffeli and Level 3 Sincet!" All three monsters began a choreographed dance.

Yumi looks at the dance. "Oooh! I want dancing monsters, too!"

"True power comes not from sacrifice, but from showing your trust and need for others...hear their call and come to their aid, Sequence Summon; Guardian of the Volcano: Otarum!" 2000 Attack, suddenly the three monsters became light and slammed into the ground, causing a giant crevice from which a giant golem with the usual Guardian Mask and veins containing lava running through it's rocky skin climbed out of the crevice.

Lucien laughed. "Unless it's effect is destroying spell or trap cards, your Sequence Monster still stands no chance."

"You'll see...for one, Otarum can attack directly!" Michael retorted.

Lucien's eyes widened. "WHAT!?"

Otarum smashed open the ground, which Ken avoided but Lucien could only shield his eyes as a huge wave of lava came out from the crevice beneath him. 1500 LP.

Will: "So he drew the card that could work around such an immense arsenal...interesting."

Michael turned his back as did Otarum. "...his second effect...when he deals damage, all the opponent's spell and trap cards are destroyed." Suddenly the crevice grew larger and lava exploded out of the crevice, destroying all the equipment equipped to Ken. " you'll know the payment for using forbidden weapons..."

0LP Lucien fell to the ground, unconcious, the entire crowd speechless.

Andrea rubbed her eyes. "That...I mean...did that just happen...?"

Yumi looked down at the field. "Looks like it...but man! Those Sequence monsters sure pack a punch!"

Will smiled. "Looks like we just found our next big competition..."

Andrea grew a wild grin. "'re right, I was looking for my next stepping stone to power...and I think I found it."

The MC walks up to Michael. "That was faaaantastic! Michael you've just won the tournament...and very easily I might add!"

Michael yawned. "Yeah yeah, just hand the prize money over already so I can get going...I hate crowds..."

Yumi winces at the duelist's comment. "Yeesh...rude much?"

Will looked down at Michael. "Hmm...what's a wet-nosed tournament duelist like him doing with that kind of power...? I guess we'll have to find out more about him...and make sure she knows."

Yumi sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I get it: I'll go talk to her..."

The MC laughed as he handed Michael a check. "Yeah you need to get going the Pro Leagues!"

Michael paused for a moment. "Um...if you mean like...that's where I'm aiming for..."

"There's a cab outside right now waiting to take you to your new apartment within the Pro-League living quarters, and then you'll be shown to the main lobby where you'll be signing-"

Michael suddenly jumped back in surprise. "W-wait what're you talking about!? C-cab, apartment!?"

The MC looked shocked. " do know that the prize for this tournament was admission into the Pro-Circuit...right...?"

Michael rubbed the back of his head. "...I got off the train, saw a tournament was going on and just joined because it was fun...I didn't look up the prizes or anything..."

The MC fell backwards in shock, as-well as half the audience.

Andrea had a sweatdrop go down her head. "And just when I was starting to think he was cool..."

Will however kept his solemn look. "We only saw a few of his cards...but it's best we keep an eye on him...and learn all we can about 'Sequence' monsters."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 1
"Welcome to the Show"
The first chapter in a new RP/Story me and my good friend Sebastien :iconyurixthewanderer: are writing, giving us a break from Succubus Loveless and let our reminds refresh. =P

So yes brief summary for the first chapter; a tournament is going on in Connect City, where the winner gets into the Pro Circuit, who will win this grand prize and start their long career as a professional Duelist?
Valley by AdamTheJoker
6th and final part of my foundation year stuff for University...btw all of this stuff was from 2013 last year. XD
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Since my good friend and co-writer :iconyurixthewanderer: was kind enough to link his watchers to my series, he reminded me I have some fans on deviantart...of my writing at least, I already know my art isn't perfect. =P So here's a link to my animated series on youtube;…


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