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The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 6 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Again the crooked-shot. >,< But I do love this final shot, the look on Mitsuru's face is just GOLD! =D The way her body seems to be wrig...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 5 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Again the crooked shot is a little off-putting. Other than that, I love the finsihed tape job! Tying her hands to her legs was an amazi...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 4 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Oh my goodness! The way her sleeping face looks in this shot is just so beautiful! I especially love how well her make-up looks in this...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 3 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Now this is just beautiful! Her radiant sleeping face shows such innocence and vulnerability, her lovely long legs going limp in the at...



Having been moved up to Saturn rank, Will now has his own house, however Will is just sitting on his bed, looking through the cards of his Extra Deck.

"Damnit, sis...what the hell did you leave me with?" Will says to himself, reminiscing the dark Duel Spirit's words.

"-Tacey, I know you want to talk to him but let him cool down first." Michael's voice came from outside.

Will overhears Mike's comment. "Ugh...not the right time..."

Tacey's voice comes from just outside the door. "Look, I just want to apologize, that's all!"

Will puts his cards down and gets up, then walks towards the door, but rather than open the door, he locks it. "Tacey, go away!"

Tacey grabs at the doorknob and tries to turn it, but it won't budge. "Will! Open up!"

"Forget it!" Will shouts before letting out a sigh. "Look...I know what you're going to say, and you and I both know this isn't gonna do the job."

Tacey backs away from the door. "Will?"

Will places his forehead against the door. "There's just one way you can make it up to me and my beat that son of a bitch on live TV, and maybe then I'll forgive you and Yumi, got it?!?"

Michael rolls his eyes. "What exactly would that solve or prove Will?"

Will closes his eyes. "It'll prove that she's grown strong enough to take care of herself...and get back at Haynes for everything he's done!"

Tacey looks uneasy. ""

Michael let out a heavy sigh. "She's only JUST broken free of..." Michael lets out another sigh, coming across as fed up. "No point in discussing that with you, point is Will, the way Tacey is right now, she might as-well have just woken up from a coma."

"Tell that to Laura's grave!" Will shouted.

Michael looked down. "Did 'Laura' tell you to treat Tacey like this?"

Tacey looks back at Michael, then back at the door. "Just...stop it, you two!"

Michael, looked over at Tacey, slowly shaking his head as if to say 'not yet'. "I won't claim I know everything about you, Laura and Tacey...but if I had to use my common sense, I'd say Laura wouldn't want you digging more graves or treating your friends like thugs." Michael began to walk off.

Tacey hesitantly walks over to the door and rests her hand against it. "I promise..." She says before walking off, following Michael.

Will turns and slumps down against the door, a tired smile on his face. "...Thanks, Tace."

Tacey lost track of Michael, so instead of wandering around searching for him she decided to head back to her room to change. The moment she reaches for her wardrobe, she tosses her oversized hoodie and jeans in the trash. 'Will... you're not the only one who misses Laura. She was my best friend, too...' She thinks before looking at her room. "Ugh...feels like I was living in a pig pen. Yeesh!" She says to herself before putting on a blue t-shirt and matching pair of shorts. "As soon as I get dueling again, first thing I'll do is get a new apartment...and maybe some clothes shopping!" Tacey slides into a pair of white sneakers and puts on a sleeveless jacket she keeps open before grabbing her duel disk from the top of the pile of discarded clothes. Tacey looks down at her duel disk. "...and maybe a new disk, too? Boy, I really need to get with the program!" she says to herself before walking out of her apartment and running towards the bus stop to the Duel Stadium.

At the duelist lounge, Tacey finds Andrea on one of the couches using her PDA. "Ngh...why the heck hasn't Michael accepted my duel request yet?"

Tacey takes her breath as she sits down on the couch in front of Andrea's. "Phew! Why'd Michael have to run off?"

Andrea rolled her eyes up to look at Tacey but still had her head down. "...if you want to tell me you know Michael just say so..." Andrea commented before putting her PDA away.

Tacey blinks for a moment. "Umm...yeah he got me out of a...bad spell?" She says, not sure if telling someone the truth would be wise. "My name's Tacey, by the way..."

Andrea sighs. "Andrea...and how come he accepts almost every duel request, like over a hundred from what I heard, but then he suddenly stops accepting the requests he's gotten!?"

Tacey tilts her head. "Umm...he really dueled a hundred people?"

Andrea laid back on the couch, making sure nobody else could sit on it. "It's only a rumor...or hyperbole...or somethin' like that...point is I need to duel him ASAP."

Tacey looked at her own disk. "I see...I really need to duel, too: I got an Exodia Warning, and I need to get out of Mars."

Andrea was quiet for a moment, staring at Tacey with half-closed eyes. "...exodia warning...dang, sorry to hear that girl."

Tacey makes a tired smile. "If Michael hadn't pulled me out of...that rut...I would have ended up kicked out, and wouldn't have even cared." Tacey looks back at Andrea. "Besides, I owe someone a big favor."

"Sounds like it's Michael who you owe the big favor to..." Andrea commented.

Tacey's smile fades. "I was being sarcastic..." She says, frowning. "I owe Samuel Haynes for getting in my head to begin with..."

Andrea coughed, trying to change the subject. " you think you could get Michael to accept my duel request?" Andrea asked in a very soft tone, now sat-up with her hands in her lap.

Tacey tilts her head anew, frown dissapearing. "Why are you so intent on dueling him?"

Andrea tightened her fist. "Same reason everyone else does, he's so freaking powerful that I'm sure defeating him will get me tons of experience!"

Tacey shrugs. "Well...I can try..." Tacey turns on her PDA. "Let's see...Michael..."

Tacey tries to send a message, typing slowly as if she is unsure of how the device properly functions. "Michael, a girl named Andrea wants a duel. Can you do it?"

Tacey got an immediate reply; "Later, watching the finals for that tournament George Stone is in."

Tacey looks confused. "Umm...who's George Stone?"

Andrea pointed over to the TV. "Guess that guy dueling on TV right now."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 8
Wish we could upload more of this but, busy times at the moment, sorry.
Still outside the Mars Apartments, seconds after Tacey's life points hit zero, Will watches as the 'Guardian of The Ocean' gently lowers Tacey's body onto a nearby bench before itself and the Archfiend Monster dissipate.

Michael shakes his head as the highlights in his hair lose their glow. "Well...duel wasn't much but...heck of a job on the inside as usual."

Will looks uneasy as he walks over to him. "Inside? as usual?"

Michael pulls out a small flask. "All you need to know is that your friend is okay. She'll be up on her feet in a few minutes, despite what she's been given it still takes a lot to recover from being taken over by an evil duel spirit."

Will grew a worried look. "So all she said and did...was becomes of...?"

Michael took a sip out of the flask. "Will, everything that spirit said to you was just to rile you up, same thing it's been doign this whole that spirit was trying to ignore me by focusing on you." Michael then gave Will a serious look. "What's important is that she's not going to affect your friend Tacey anymore, she'll be up any moment now so I suggest you go over to her right away."

Will doesn't look entirely convinced. "Fine... but once she's better, we'll all have to talk." Will then walked over to where Tacey was lying down.

Michael waited until Will was out of ear-range before speaking. "Yumi I know you watched the whole duel, come out here."

Yumi breathes out an audible sigh as she walks over, eyes looking down.

Michael didn't look over at her, instead seeming to stare into space as he took another sip from his flask. "...if you have anything to say, now would be the best time."

Yumi closes her eyes. "I'm so sorry. I just...I couldn't bring myself to face Tacey and...and I knew I wasn't strong enough to beat Inanis...I'm sorry I had to drag you into this."

Michael was silent for a moment before putting his flask away, letting out a deep sigh before looking over at Yumi. "...I wasn't dragged into this, I planned to save your friend Tacey the moment I noticed what was going on. know what has to be done next right?"

Yumi gasps and looks at Michael. "You...planned it?"

Michael took out a card from his deck. "Spell card Menenta's Bell...if not for this card, Inanis would have run circles around me. I not only asked around regarding Tacey herself but...also the deck style she played. Now I'm not going to ask again, you know what has to happen to you now right?"

Yumi looks pensive. "You want me to return to my Duel Spirit form..."

Michael put the card back into his deck before shuffling through his pockets. "Really, you shouldn't be out of it in the first now that I know about it, I could get in trouble myself for letting you spend another day in human form."

Yumi blinks. "You? But...I don't see why."

Michael takes a card out of his pocket and looks at it. "And that confusion will stick with since the reason you got into human form in the first place was because of Inanis...I don't think you have any reason to be out of your card anymore." Michael reveals the card to be Inanis, looking enraged and like she's trying to break out.

Yumi backs away, scared of the card.

Michael puts Inanis back into his pocket. "Don't worry, you won't be seeing her ever again. Now regarding Tacey...I'll let you have one last talk with her. Whetehr you want to tell her the truth or not is up to you...I'll be around." Michael began to walk off towards the city-centre.

Yumi raises her hand over the pink strands of hair over her face, which fade to white. "I don't have a choice..."

Yumi walks over to Tacey. "Tacey..."

Will notices Yumi walk over. "Yumi? Where've you been? Things got crazy..."

Yumi can't seem to look Will in the eye. "It's my fault, Will."

Will cocks his eyebrow. "What? What're you talking about?"

Yumi deactivates her duel disk and puts it down. "Tierra...that's me."

Will clenches his fist. "You're not serious...?"

Yumi turns around. "I wanted to protect her, but I wasn't strong enough. Of all things, I was there when she was sick, and-"

Will folds his arms. "I don't care about that. If you said Tierra was you...then what happened to my sister?"

Yumi steps back. "Will, I-"

Will takes a step forward, then points at Yumi. "I WANT ANSWERS!"

Tacey's groan makes both turn. While Yumi rushes over to help Tacey sit up, Will turns his back to the two.

Tacey slowly opens her eyes. "Mm....Yumi?"

Yumi sits down next to Tacey. "Tacey, are you okay?"

Tacey rests her hand against her face. "He said...he was glad I was feeling he..." Tacey slowly looks around. "Where's Michael?"

Will doesn't turn around. "He left. Honestly, I don't know where he went, and I don't care. All I want to know is what Yumi knows about Laura."

Yumi places her hand against Tacey's deck. " recover Tierra's last last ended up with a duel between Tacey, Laura and Dante. Had we not dueled-"

Will turns around. "Had you not dueled, she would have lived!"

Yumi stands up. "Had she not dueled, Tacey would have died! Is that what you wanted to hear?!?"

Will clenches his fist, but stays silent.

Yumi lets out a sigh. "That's the truth...I am Tierra, and because I was not strong enough to protect my friend...someone died."

Will lowers his head. "I'm going back to Saturn. Tacey, you better make up for it. Yumi...I don't ever want to see you again..." he says before walking out.

Tacey looks at Yumi. "Do you think-"

Yumi shakes her head. "I don't want to think of it. Besides, Michael was right: I caused too much trouble being here. I should go back."

Tacey gets up, wobbling on her feet before clutching onto Yumi. "No! can't leave...not again!"

Yumi helps Tacey to her feet, a faint smile on her face. "I'm glad you remember...but this time, I won't be Tierra. I'll be your friend, the one who went to see you at the hospital." Yumi gives Tacey a hug. "I have to go...but I'm not leaving you alone. There's a little old friend in there for you...and I'll be there soon." She says before tapping Tacey's deck. "I'll see you soon...and...make sure Will is okay."

Tacey looks on as Yumi's form slowly dissapears into a gleam of light, leaving a blank card on the ground. "Yumi..." She whispers before picking up the card. Looking back at the burnt card around her neck, she notices the charred object vanishing, leaving an empty casing. "...I'll do all I can. For Miss K, for Dante...for everyone."

Some time later, at the Blue Eyes Burger, Tacey walks in to find Michael munching on some fries, sat at a stool by the window. Tacey takes a seat in front of Michael. "Hey Mike!"

Michael looks over at Tacey. "Hey, how you feeling?"

"Much better, thanks." Tacey replies. "What about you?"

Michael took a sip from his flask. "Just getting back the energy it took to play that slide back to you, first of all as you were under the control of a duel spirit for quite some time, you may suffer from some memory should recover from that within a few days providing you get plenty of rest and food."

Tacey tilts her head. "What's with that weird bottle?"

Michael ate a french fry before replying. "...I'm only gonna tell you one thing regarding this; it's my own mixture. Now the most important part here; have you had a look at your deck yet?"

Tacey nods. "Yeah. Yumi was right, too: there was someone waiting." Tacey pulls the deck out of her disk, then turns it over, revealing a monster card, depicting a white-winged chibi angel, wearing a winged hat and what seems like a toga. "I didn't think Yori would be back!"

Michael took a mouthful from his flask. "Look at the rest of the cards in there..."

Yumi puts the card down, and reveals another: a black-haired sorceress, dressed in a light-green dress with white and gold designs. "Awakened Channeler...she looks like Miss K." Tacey looks at the next card: a warrior dressed in a white and purple armor, holding a broad sword. "Awakened Paladin...that's funny, I don't remember this...or maybe not yet." turns one last card over, revealing the blank card. "Huh? When did I put that there?"

The blank card caught Michael's attention. "Ah, that must be Tierra, she'll take a whole day or maybe longer."

Tacey looks back at the card. "Tierra..." Tacey then shakes her head "No. That's Yumi. She said it herself: the 'Tierra' I knew, it was her all along. I just couldn't see it."

Michael leans back. "Like the 'Tierra' around your neck, Yumi was just a piece of Tierra from what I can tell...but because of you letting them go, they could join again and be...reborn."

Tacey looks at the blank card, then at Michael. "What about Inanis? And that 'Tierra' that Samhain used?"

Michael got up, took the cardboard that held his french fries and threw them into a nearby bin. "...Samhain is next on my for Inanis, you'll never see her again."

Tacey looks relieved. "I hope not. But...if I do, I hope I'll be strong enough to face her."

Michael put his flask away. "...that will be what I'll be helping you with whilst looking for Samhain...back to the topic at hand; that deck of built straight from your soul and the resolution you came to back then."

Tacey nods, though seems worried. "I told Yumi I would make it up to Miss K and everyone, but...I haven't seen Will since I woke up."

Michael stood up. "Nothing I can do regarding him, but if he does get a bit me...just in-case." Michael began to walk off.

Tacey gets up. "Hey! Where are you going?"

Michael kept walking. "I have a match in twenty're welcome to walk with me y'know."

Tacey follows Michael. "Sure. I really hope I'll get a match soon, too! Those tiny rooms in Mars are starting to give me the creeps!"

"Just promise me one thing." Michael suddenly began.

"What is it?" Tacey wonders, unsure of what to expect.

Michael looked over at Tacey. "If you go through any physical changes like strange markings, eye colour..." Michael tugged at the highlights in his hair. "...stuff like this...don't duel ANYONE, and notify me straight away...alright?"

Tacey looks uneasy. "Y-yeah...sure. Um...what about your hair? I mean...I thought it was dye."

Michael shook his head. "Too much hassle...but I mean avoid hurting anyone, don't even put a single card int your duel disk when you notice any kind of physical change, and don't be scared of it being a false general, if you have any problems at all feel free to call me...ah wait, you don't have my PDA number yet do ya?" Michael asked as he got out his PDA.

Tacey pulled out her own. "Sorry...I guess not. Oh, and...the name on it might be a bit old. Before the whole thing started, I dueled Under the name 'Sarah Black'. I might have to get rid of that name."

After exchanging contacts, the two began walking off again. "So...any last questions?" Michael asked.

Tacey shrugged. "Maybe one: what would happen if I did duel someone?"

Michael stopped, then took out Guardian of Dreams; Dospe before summoning him. "...Dospe...tickle her." On command, the masked guardian of dreams floated over to Tacey and started tickling her sides.

Tacey looks at Michael for a moment, then at Dospe, but doesn't stop it in time for her to get tickled. Starting with a giggle, she bursts into laughter as she holds her sides. "Okay, okay! hee hee hah! I give!"

Michael takes Dospe off his duel disk and places him back into his deck. "...that's what will happen."

"Phew..." Tacey lets out, relieved the tickling was over. "Alright, I'll let you know. Let's head out, okay? Maybe Will's already there."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 7
The aftermath of the last chapter.
Will rushes over to the Mars Apartments and stops to take a breather before checking around. "Okay...knowing Tacey, she's probably still in her room." he says before noticing Tacey herself sitting on a nearby bench. "...Or not." Will pulls out his PDA and quickly writes a text to Yumi and Mike. 'Found her. Mars Apartments. I'll try to talk to her.'

Will recieves a reply within seconds reading; 'On our way, try not to do anything rash - Mike'.

Will walks over to Tacey. "Tace, we need to talk."

Tacey seems lost in thought as she does not react to the Young man's words.

Will looks back at the PDA. "Nothing rash...? What is that supposed to mean..." he wonders before examining Tacey. "Look, Tacey...I'm really getting worried. You haven't showed up for a duel in over a week, and you're just one step from getting kicked out. What's eating you?"

Tacey looks down. "They're all fakes. Liars. Cheaters..."

Will scratches his head. "Okay...look, you shouldn't pay attention to those guys. You're better than that."

Tacey slowly gets up. "I know...I want them gone."

"Gone?" Will asks uneasily. "What do you mean 'gone'?"

Tacey's hands tighten to fists. "I want them all to disappear...all of them!"

Will takes a step back. "Uh...Tace?"

Tacey looks at Will with an icy stare. "I'll make them all dissapear!"

Will hurriedly writes a note on his PDA. 'She's acting weird...'

Again the reply was almost instant but had a few spelling mistakes, most likely due to rush; 'If you can't c alm her down then jsut back off I'm almost rhere!!'

Will looks back at the PDA. "Calm her down? How am I supposed to..." he wonders, only to notice a smokey black aura around Tacey. "What the-?"

Tacey clutches her hand around the burnt card. "Tierra...I'll make them pay for hurting you...they'll all pay!"

Suddenly the sound of a skateboard came from around the corner, Michael upon hitting the corner leaped off the board, letting it crash into a nearby bush as he ran over to Tacey and Will. "Will, get back! You have no idea of what she can do in that state!"

Will takes a few steps back. "Believe me, I've never seen her like that..."

Michael stood between Tacey and Will, readying his duel disk. "Could call it luck that I got into the circuit around the time she got into this state...or my Sequence monsters could have aggravated her duel spirit...either way there's only one way out of this..." Mike noticed the card in Tacey's hands. "Tacey White...that card your's Tierra isn't it?"

Tacey looks back at the burnt card. "...Tierra...she's...she is, but she's..." Tacey places her free hand against her forehead "...he said it wasn't...but she has to be!"

Michael let out a breif sigh of relief. "Okay...Tacey, I need to tell you right now, Tierra can still be saved, she's still alive..."

Tacey's eyes shoot wide open as she looks at Michael. "She...she's still-" The darkness around Tacey intensifies, making her drop to one knee. "LIAR!" a darker voice echoes over Tacey's.

Michael closed his eyes. "Just couldn't be easy for once could it...?" Opening his eyes again, Michael pulled a serious-almost threatening look and stance. "Tacey! Tierra has always been there and with you, in that very card! The only thing that's been keeping her from coming back is you!"

Tacey picks herself up, but her eyes seem to be cloaked in the same smoke. "Nothing but liars and cheaters!" the darker voice takes over, silencing Tacey's. "And you're no different than the rest!"

Michael activated his duel disk. "You only tag others as liars because you lie to yourself every day, about Tierra, who you care for and who you really are!" Michael narrowed his eyes. "Or is that really Tacey White I'm communicating with right now!?"

Will looks at Michael, then at Tacey and back. "What the hell is going on here?"

The dark aura around Tacey flares. "Enough! I will make you disappear first!"

The yellow, blue and green tints in Michael's hair began to glow. "Might want to activate your duel disk if you truly want to battle...Inanis."

Will looks at Michael. "Inanis? What the heck?"

Inanis activates Tacey's duel disk, but rather than a faint purple, the energy around it is a solid black. "I will not let a monster like you stand in my way!"

Will motions toward Michael. "Uhh...need my help?"

Michael let out a quick chuckle. "If you saw me six years ago...Will, for your own safety, might want to step back a few yards."

Will nods and steps back before checking his PDA. 'Yumi, where the hell are you? Everything's going crazy here!' he quickly types.


Michael quickly draws six cards. "Too slow, I get the first turn." Michael looks at his hand. "First off I play; Menenta's Bell!" A strange golden bell held up by silver wings encrusted with gems hovered over Michael. "As long as this card is on the field, no monsters can be tributed."

Inanis draws her starting hand. "No matter..."

"I set one monster and one card, turn end." Michael lowered his duel disk.

Inanis opens her turn. "I draw...and I unleash 'Venomous Gift' on the field!" A massive vat of what seems to be acid-green venom appears on the field. "By sending one card from my hand to the grave, I can force you to claim my dark present!"

Inanis slides a card in the graveyard. "Now, thanks to its effect, since I send it to the graveyard because of an effect, Treacherous Archfiend appears on your field to do my bidding!" The creature that appears is an Inside-out looking, hunch-backed demon. 2200 ATK. "I place one monster and one card face-down and end my your torture will begin!"

Michael put one hand in his pocket. "Not even going to attack with that big demon of yours?"

Michael drew his card, and as he did a card in his hand glowed. "Sorry but that 1500 damage is not happening, I activate the effect of Guardian of the Shrine: Menenta in my hand; when a card effect would deal damage to my life points, that card's effect is negated, the card destroyed and Menenta gets to come admire her bell." 1800 defense. A strange fairy wearing a white priestess gown garnered with green gems and wearing a 'guardian mask' with green markings with blonde hair flowing out the back, flaoted onto the field and began what seemed like celebrating in front of the bell Michael summoned his first turn, waving a silver wand with a green jewel-like cross on the end. "Yeah that's your bell Menenta, I finally found a use for it."

Inanis grits her teeth. "Blast!"

Will looks at the field as the vat vanishes into dust. "Isn't that cutting it a bit close?"

"Now where were we...oh yeah." Michael pulled a card out of his hand. "First I summon Guardian of Fish: Ruba! When he's summoned, switch him to defense and add one 'guardian' monster to my hand, so I'll take Guardian of the Crossroads; Kyumei." 0 Defense. "Next because two guardians; Menenta and Ruba were summoned this run, Kyumei can be brought to the field!" 2600 Attack, a glowing white beast with six long tails that had a faint red glow about them leaped onto the field, addouring a strange plate of silver armour with red carvings and a 'guardian mask' that matched it.

Inanis makes a macabre smile. "Shame he won't be around for long...I activate my trap: Losers Weepers! Since you control my Archfiend, I can select one other monster that you possess and destroy it! Kyumei will be fodder to the Void!"

Michael showed no reaction as Kyumei howled, being dragged down into the depths. "...your sacrifice meant a lot Kyumei...see the field Inanis?" Michael asked, his eyes darting from the field and straight into Inanis' eyes. "...I won't need the remaining three cards in my hand to take you down."

Inanis frowns. "You lie."

Michael pointed over to Inanis with a stern look in his eyes. "And it's because you have no respect for the creatures at your command...nor for even the spells and traps at your treat them and even your playstyle like this because THAT is how you think all people treat each-other."

Inanis grits her teeth and tenses up, her aura flaring. "You will rue your words, fool!"

Michael brought his hand back down. "I may not know Tacey White as-well as others may do...but I know those who are looked over by duel spirits are gifted, kind and respectful duelists...and that's why I'm not only bring her back from the negativity you drown her in...but I'm also going to bring back the thing she loved most! I flip summon Guardian of the Forge; Rageshi!" 500 Attack. "...levels 1 Ruba, 2 Rageshi and 3 see where this is going Inanis?"

Inanis looks at the field. "Summon all the monsters you possess...I will not be denied!"

Michael opened up his hand at the field. "One needing to be water, levels 1, 2 and 3 guardians, all combine their power, letting it loose in one fluid dance they bring forth the Guardian of the Ocean!" All three monsters began dancing in a circle and glowing. "Sequence Summon! Guardian of the Ocean: Aradentus!" 2600 Attack A gigantic tower of a dark purple sea serpent rose from the ground, making the Archfiend beside it look like an infant by comparison. With it's seemingly hundreds of claw-ended fins and tentacles and giant crab-like legs, the only thing non-organic about this leviathan was the now expected guardian mask upon it's face, very triangular and it's numerous green markings complementing the numerous aphendages.

Inanis looks at the monster Michael summoned. "I have taken down more powerful monsters in the past..." Inanis looks back at Will " those your empty-shell of a sister had!"

Will looks shocked, then grows angry. "You take that back! I won't have you insult my sister!"

Michael's eyes began to glow a bright light. "...trying to ignore me won't make this any easier on you Inanis..." Michael's voice had a booming yet soothing echo to it.

Inanis' aura seems to dim slighly as she looks back at Michael. "What is...this power...?"

Michael looked at his back-row. "Quick-play spell card; Lirant's Portal. I choose one 'Guardian' monster I can attack directly this turn, but only it can attack...whatever you had hidden in the dark to get me, I'm not even going to bother with it." A very cosmic-like wormhole phased in-front of Aradentus. "Aradentus, attack Inanis directly!" On command the beast leaped through the portal and behind Inanis, picking her up with it's tentacles.

Inanis looks at the tentacles, startled by them. "What is this sorcery?" she lets out, shocked that she's being lifted off the ground.

Will looks confused. "Huh? How'd the-wh-what gives?"

"...Echo Sonic Counter Roar!" Aradentus let out a sharp roar that made all the nearby windows shatter, the benches fly off into the next street and almost uprooted nearby trees, and even some of the aura surrounding Inanis seemed to come off from the roar. 1400 LP

Will looks spooked, his legs shaking after seeing the impact of the attack.

Inanis reels from the blow then wipes her mouth. "Try as you might...the more you hurt me, the more you hurt her...I will not perish, but attack me again...and she will!"

Michael smirks. "You think that's physical damage he's dealing to you? Surely you've noticed the surrealism of the pain you just felt Inanis...oh and he will attack again be sure of that..."

Inanis grits her teeth. "I will not be denied!"

Aradentus began charging a huge ball of energy in front of it's mask as Michael glared up at Inanis. "'ve been denied at every step...except by one person..." The ball of energy grew to twice the size of Aradentus' head. "...and I'll make sure she denies you...and accepts the right things...Aradentus' effect, he attacks twice during each battle-phase; Tidal Tsunami Blast!" Upon command the ball of light exploded, engulfing the entire area in a blinding yet pure purple light.

As the light begins to clear, the area looks less like the Mars Apartments and more like a cross between a graveyard and a high school's yard. On the ground are broken pieces of what seem to be warped Duel Monsters - Fairy-type wings, Psychic-type Equipment, broken Spellcaster staves and Warrior-type armor and Swords. In the middle of the lot is a larger, less ornate tomb, with Tacey chained to the cross that sticks from it.

Michael, seemingly coming from the fog surrounding the area, walks past the warped duel monsters, a strange plant-like small monster on his right shoulder wearing a guardian mask with the markings not glowing but rather seem like holes which showed the monster's beedy eyes. "'s not as bad as I thought it'd be." Michael commented, hands in his pockets.

"Seru-seru!" The monster shouted, pointing over at Tacey with a bud for a hand.

"I see her Dospe, I see her." Michael replied.

Michael walked up to the chained-up girl and crouched down to her level. "...yo."

Tacey doesn't lift her head. "Leave me alone..." she says weakly.

Michael sighed. "It may feel okay...or even good to stick around and mope like this me when I say I know what you're going through..."

Dospe jumped down and tried pulling at the chains.

Tacey closes her eyes. "You don't. Nobody died because of you..."

Michael slumped down next to Tacey. "Yeah well...that's what everyone but me was saying six years ago..."

Dospe stopped pulling at the chains and gazed up at Michael.

Michael turned in Tacey's direction but also kept his head down. "...every drove someone to suicide before...?"

Tacey weakly shakes her head. "My best friend died to save me...and my dad because he thought he was doing the right thing..." Tacey points at the misshapen wings on the ground, using her right hand.

Michael looks over at the wings. "...let me tell's almost sick of you to moan over someone's sacrifice...especially those close to you...though I never had that luxury..."

Tacey looks at Michael, though not locking eyes on him. "What would you want me to do? Everyone who gets close to me gets hurt."

Michael was silent for a moment. "...keep your head up...I want to show you something...Dospe..."

"Turu...ku..." Dospe sounded sad as he walked over to the space in front of Tacey and Michael before closing his eyes and glowing.

Almost like a mirage, an image surrounded the pair, as if the location changed; an arena of sorts, a roaring crowd and two duelists standing opposite each-other, one female and one male.

Michael leaned against the tombstone. "...six years of the main matches of the season..." The female duelist, who like the male was silhouetted in the mirage, fell to her knees.

An icy voice came from the male duelist. " came in all dolled up and cheering at the didn't even last one turn...calling you a duelist is disgusting, your monsters and your family must be ashamed of you for even trying to pretend you can be something in life...."

The female duelist sniffed. "Sh-shut up! I did my best! And my bes-"

"-wasn't even below average...if I was you I'd burn my deck and get a new identity...I mean that was insulting...I think they'll have to clean the field before they use it again..." The male duelist interrupted.

The female duelist began sobbing. "...I...I love playing this game though...that's-"

"And I bet you love breathing and eating too...the difference is you're decent at that...heck why don't you do the dueling world a favour and just be bad at those things too..." The male duelist walked off, leaving the girl crying.

The arena dissipated, leaving Michael and Tacey in a fog.

"...real ever talked like that to somebody White?" Michael asked, not looking at her.

Tacey lets out a sigh. "No..."

The fog thinned until an alleyway came into clearing. " gets worse..." Michael added.

Suddenly the male duelist from before was kicked to the ground in pouring rain, a much broader silhouette of a man stood over him.

"Why...why did my daughter take her own life because of a little shit-head like you!?" The man exclaimed.

The male duelist remained silent.

"Not even going to apologise you fucker!?"

"...why should I? All I did was say the tr-" The duelist was kicked hard in the stomach by the man.

"She cried!" The man kicked him again. "And cried!" Another stern kick to the abs. "Until she got a ROPE!" The man kicked even harder, aiming for the crotch.

The man panted heavily, the puddle beneath the duelist began turning red around his mouth as he tried to get up.

"...found a note...and your fucking words were all over it! She loved what she did...even when she failed...she'd come back and tell us what she loved about her one person recognised her in the street...a secret admirer sending her flowers...and her birthday...was..." The man spoke in-between sobs.

Michael bit his lip. "...notice how the dude on the floor isn't even begging forgiveness...he feels no regret for..."

The man bended down and took the duelist's deck. " was today..."

"N-no...don't...not...!" The duelist finally spoke.

The man got out a lighter. " for her...I'm going to take away what's most precious to you asshole!"

"Knospe! No!" The duelist cried out.

Tacey was on the verge of crying. "Stop..."

Suddenly the area went pitch-black.

Michael's voice came across as damp and heavy. " burnt even in the rain...seems the Gods wanted punishment also..."

Tacey looked down. "I'm so sorry..."

A beam of light came down and illuminated the duelist knelt down and crying. "Kn-Knospe...Knospe...." The duelist sobbed through his words.

Michael's face was barely lit-up from the distant light. " family to comfort friends to comfort him...the only companion he had was burned in front of him..."

A small spirit hanged over the duelist, looking burnt and cut.

Michael hung his head. "...there was no sacrifice, only punishment. There were no people to comfort, only to hate..."

Suddenly small whispers echoed around, barely audible over the sobbing.

"He desereved it...prick..."

"Wasn't hurt enough if you ask me..."

"I hope he cries forever..."

"I heard his family disowned him..."

Michael tugged at the chains at Tacey. "...comforting? I wouldn't know...since..."

The duelist began to get up, still holding the burnt card. "...despite the hatred...for myself...from others..."

The duelist raised the card into the air. "...not a soul to comfort me..."

The duelist tightened his grip on the card. "...I never..."

At last, the duelist let go of the card, letting it fly away in the breeze. "...let those thoughts tie me down...I decided to let go...because that's what...Knospe would've wanted..."

The mirage finally melted away into the ground, taking the two back to Tacey's mind.

Michael walked over to Dospe, picking him up.

Tacey looked at Michael, finally locking eyes with his. "Looks like we both had painful pasts."

Michael was silent for a while " had friends and had feelings...and I'm betting you also felt regret and remorse without someone kicking you to near death..." Michael wiped his eyes. " never HURT anyone...someone protected you." Michael walked up to Tacey. "And even after all your pushing people away, there are still people that care about you..." Michael tugged at the chains once more. "...and you can sit there and say you had a painful past?"

Tacey shook her head before sliding her hand out from under the chain. "I don't want to make a contest of who's got the worst story, ok? Just...when Miss K died, and Tierra... I felt like no one was left. I could hear others, but...I just didn't want them to get hurt because of me. I stopped caring...but I guess that was totally stupid, huh."

Michael let go of the chain. "...stupid is the wrong word..." Michael stood up straight, looking down at Tacey. "You need to realise that pushing them away will hurt them more than letting them in would..."

Tacey grabs onto the nearest chain with her free hand and starts pulling. "Okay...I'll do it. I'll do what it takes to stop feeling bad..." The chains around Tacey begin to thin "And I'll do what it takes to make sure all I learned from dad and Miss K'll be for something."

As the chains began to dissipate, Michael kept an almost distant stare. " also need to let go of someone..."

Tacey looks back at the burnt card around her neck. "Tierra...okay...if it's for the best..." Tacey yanks the pendant off her neck, causing the rest of the chains to crumble. "She saved me once...I think it's time I save her too."

Michael looks up at the burnt spirit now hovering above Tacey. "'s the best you can do for her..."

Tacey looks up and notices the burnt Duel Monster. "Tierra. You gave me a chance to live when everyone thought I would's time I let you go." Tacey wipes a tear as she looks at the burnt creature. "You saved my's time you find yours again." Tierra makes a slow nod as her body begins to desintegrate, her ashes scattering about onto the broken Duel Monster parts, which vanish at the touch. Tacey looks back at Michael. "I guess I owe you a big one."

Michael shrugs. "Just glad you're feeling better."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 6
Michael takes on Tacey, hoping to bring her out of her depression.
Michael and Will stand looking towards the door-way of the lounge, only the couch they were just sat on shielding them from whoever will step in.

Michael rubbed the back of his head. "So make myself not look too much like an idiot can you tell me much about this Crystal chick?"

Will crosses his arms. "First off, she's a Jupiter rank, so she earned her place at the top. Second, she uses Nekroz and has perfect mastery of them. Third...she's not someone to mess with. If she wasn't named Crystal, she'd be ice..."

"Ahem..." a very deep voice came from the door-way, a very large brutish butler with conrows and seemingly dead eyes stared down Will, seeming to have heard that last comment.

Michael leaned over to Will. "I thought she'd be a bit smaller..." He whispered.

Will turns slightly towards him. "That's not her..."

The butler steps aside, letting a very small-statured girl with a height of 5"2 walk in, her eyes seem to have no pupils or light in them, just a deep cloud-like ambience to them, her pale blue hair has been put up in two very small ponytails and complimented by a white and silver headband. Her apparel seemed regal but still quite modern; a cyan laced blouse, long white gloves, a straight white skirt that went down to just below her knees and cyan heeled boots. The girl held in her arms a small plush of Brionac, the dragon of the ice barrier, though holding it with both hands she gave the impression she might let it fall at any moment.

Will keeps straight, almost breaking into a salute. "That's her."

The girl gazed over at Michael. "...are you Michael Silver?"

Michael returned the half-asleep gaze. "Uh...yeah, why?"

After a rather awkward silence complimented by the two sharing a strange stare, the girl known as 'Miss Crystal' walked over to Michael. Gazing into his eyes for a moment, Crystal almost smiled for a moment. " haven't changed in appearance much at least...Glacier."

Michael's half-asleep expression grew serious as he narrowed his eyes but made no response.

Will cocked an eyebrow. "Glacier? Hang on a sec...wait...Glacier? As in the former regional champion? As in the stone-cold duelist? THAT Glacier?"

Michael kept his silence, whereas Miss Crystal spoke up, still holding back a smile. "I'd never forget that face...nor that wonderful cold way you treat the low-class duelists who can't keep up with you..." Miss Crystal now couldn't hold back her smile. "I thought you were dead..."

Will looked back at Mike before uncrossing his arms. "I had a nagging feeling I had heard your name before, but...why'd you drop out of the duel scene?"

Michael seemed to be ignoring Will, though stretched his back slightly before talking. "If I remember, you're that crazy girl who was at a lot of my matches...don't think I ever got your name though."

Crystal sat down. "You can call me Jennifer, my dear Glacier..." Crystal was about to continue but noticed Will, her smile melting back into a cold almost-dead look. "...why are you still here?"

Michael cracked his neck. "Well let's go grab Yumi then Will, I need to ask her about that Sequence monster." Micahel stated, almost seeming like he was trying to counter Crystal's cold remark with one of his own.

Will looks confused, looking at Michael, then at Miss Crystal and back. "Huh? Hey, what was that all about?"

Crystal narrowed her eyes. "What makes you think you're so important you can be in the same room as Glacier and I?"

Michael turned to face Will. "Seriously man, long story short; there's only one way to get a real Sequence monster."

Yumi ran into the room, nearly crashing into the butler. "Guys!!!"

Upon Yumi entering the room, Crystal seemed very agitated, getting up and making for the door. "Clearly this isn't the best time, so I'll be taking my leave...and hope to see you around my dear Glacier." The butler followed behind her.

Yumi looks agitated. "Guys! This is an emergency!"

Will shakes his head. "What is it now? Ran out of pretzels?"

Michael walked over to Yumi. "It's about your friend Tacey isn't it?"

Yumi points to her GDA. "No...well, part of it yes, but look! They hit me with an Alert!"

Michael seemed confused. "...say what?"

Will winces at the word. "An Alert is a bit like a 'Final Warning'. Essentially, when your dueling score is too low, they send you that to force you to step it up...or else you'll get kicked out."

Michael scratched his head. "Well...wouldn't you be demoted first instead of immediately kicked out or something?"

Yumi nods nervously. "I've been in Venus ever since I got here! If I get dropped, how am I gonna keep an eye on Tacey? It's already hard enough as it is!"

Michael's confusion seemed to be growing. "Well...even if you go down to Mars, you'll still be around to see her right?"

Yumi cringes. "That won't be enough. I...I can't tell you why right now, but I need to get her to snap out of it. It's major critical!"

Michael sighed. "Look, like right now me, you and Will here are at different ranks but we can still meet-up and talk like this so, what will stop you from seeing her when in Mars rank?"

Yumi lets out a sigh. "I'll tell you...but don't tell her I said so, okay?"

Will looks at Michael then at Yumi. "Not a word."

Michael folded his arms to show he's ready to listen.

Yumi takes a deep breath. "Inanis."

Will looks confused. "Huh?"

"She either means void, vain, hollow, worthless, foolish...or she's talking about a bug." Michael stated.

Yumi raises her duel disk and looks down at it. "I'm not strong enough to take her on...but someone needs to stop her before she goes completely crazy."

Michael sighed. "Well that's what I'm planning to do, but I need to know more abotu what happend to her...and afterwards Yumi..." Michael gave a serious stare. "...I'll need to know how you got that Sequence monster..."

Yumi puts her disk down. "'s a long story."

Yumi walks over to the couch and sits down. "Back when Tacey was just a little girl, she was sick...and I mean really, really sick. The doctors said it was leukemia, but I don't really know. While she was in hospital, some of the science guys there used her to test some...virtual reality gizmo - something to keep her mind out while the doctors worked on saving her."

Will looks back at Michael. "I was there too, and so was my sister, and at least a dozen more."

Yumi nods before looking down at her fingers. "When she came out of the first shot, she was in bad shape, so I stayed with her to help her get better. A few months later, and she walked out of the hospital...but that didn't last too long. A few years ago, before she came here, she got sick again. Same problem as before, only they tried a different treatment. That's when she started seeing Tierra...well...the one she called Tierra."

Will looks down. "That's when my sister got more interested in Tacey..."

Yumi looks at her deck. "Tierra told her to find pieces of her that were scattered around. She did, but doing that made Tacey some nasty Samuel Haynes."

Will shoots up straight. "The Overlord Duelist? The Infernoid user who burned her deck on live television?"

Yumi looks down. "Things got rough even before that happened. Just as Tacey got the last piece of Tierra, she got sick again...and she wasn't going to make it. Tierra...ended up using all the pieces that Tacey had collected to fix for that live television thing, there's one thing you forgot to tell."

Will was getting tired of the story. "And that is...?"

"That Samuel Haynes used a card named Tierra...Infernoid Tierra. Tacey probably felt like everything that happened with the Tierra she knew was just a scam, and he kept messing with her mind." Yumi got up from her seat, an angry expression on her face. "He broke her, and destroyed her deck! How can someone be heartless?!?"

Michael put his hands in his pockets. "And he's probably wondering how some people can be so caring, but let me see if I've got this so far..."

Michael started coutning the points on his fingers. "Tacey got sick when she was young, started seeing a duel spirit called Tierra, Tierra helped her get through a lot of bad times and even stopped her from getting sick ever again through using these 'pieces', then Haynes dueled her, messing up her view of her Tierra and even burned her Tierra's card?"

Yumi clenches her fists, closes her eyes and nods. "Ever since that happened, something's come over her. She barely duels, she hardly talks to anyone...and there's Inanis."

Michael put his hands back in his pockets. "It's obvious what's come over her...but what do you mean by Inanis?"

"She's dangerous. It's like...grab everything bad, put it in a blender, mix it up and there you have it." Yumi replied.

Will took a moment to think. "Can't say I know a card with that name... I'll have to look it up."

"You didn't mention her in the story so...where does she fit in all this?" Michael asked.

"She appeared after the duel with Haynes. Imagine what happens when a woman is dumped in oïl, then set on fire and left there..." Yumi replied.

Michael looked down. "I'm guessing that's the spirit following her around now."

Yumi lets out a sigh. "The worst part is that Tacey's on her 'Final Warning'. She has no choice, she has to duel..but if she does, she'll become stronger...but Tacey won't."

Michael's look of confusion came back to him. "Wait so...she's in Mars rank?"

Will clears his throat. "What Yumi is talking about is the 'Exodia Warning'...happens when you don't make it to so many scheduled a way of saying; 'you miss one more and you're outta here'."

Michael looked over to Will. "So...she's just in no mood at all to duel?"

Yumi gets up. "She barely comes out of her own room."

Michael got out his deck, looking at it for a few seconds before letting out a sigh. "Well that makes things a tad more difficult but...nothing I can't fix...and with this warning thing, seems the sooner I get this done the better."

Yumi looks uneasily at Michael. "Okay...I don't know what you have in mind, but be careful."

"Well, this wouldn't be the first time I've dealt with things regarding duel spirits...speaking of Yumi...think it's time you told me why you have a Sequence Monster." Michael stated.

Will looks at the two. "Honestly, I'd like to know that did you two end up with Sequence Monsters?"

Michael and Yumi look at each-other for a second before Michael nods. "Will...maybe you should go find out where Tacey is then, come back and tell me."

Will looks at the two, then groans before turning away. "Fine. I'll go check...just don't forget my question!" he says before walking out.

Michael sits down next to Yumi before pulling out a card from his deck; Dospe rising from it and sitting on his shoulder giving Yumi a wierd look. "A shame...was really developing a crush on that happy-go-lucky personality of yours..."

Yumi lets out a sigh before using her free hand to cover her left eye. "Believe me, I wasn't always like that. Back when I first met Tacey, I didn't have a voice. She saw me, understood that I wanted to help, and even taught me how to speak. I owe her more than I can ever repay."

Michael looked over at Yumi. "At least I now know why you have a Sequence monster...Dospe was right all along...but why hide that from me when you know I have both Sequence monsters and duel spirits?"

Yumi puts her hand down. "Will doesn't know. I know that Tacey's health was important, but...if he knew that it's because...because of Tierra...that his sister died, I'm scared of what would happen."

Michael sighed. "Fine ignore my question...but don't worry, what I'm going to do with Tacey and Tierra...will be similar to what happened to me and Dospe here."

Yumi shook her head. "I'm not ignoring your question. What do you think would happen if everyone knew what I was?"

Michael got up and stretched. "I'm not far I haven't seen anyone in this whole city besides Tacey packing a duel spirit...or Sequence should know what kinda dude I am what with how many spirits and Sequence I carry." Michael turned to look down at Yumi. "So why didn't you tell me...or rather, why didn't you trust me?"

Yumi looks uneasy. "I wanted to be sure. That's why I asked you to talk over...y'know. I couldn't just strut over and say 'Hi, I'm a duel spirit! Can I ask for your help? I might have just hurt my best friend by trying to save her!"

Michael got out his PDA. "Could've messaged me on this thing...'hey come meet me by the thign after midnight' or something."

Yumi smirks. "Midnight? Really? Isn't that a little cheesy?"

Michael return the smirk. "1am then? At dawn? At sunset at the park? I dunno, either way you get the point...I had to come to you, and get you to tell me...I mean what were you and Will going to do anyway? Just hope talking to her and hope she lets it all out or something?"

Yumi's expression turns sombre, as if accepting a death sentence. "Duel Inanis. Tacey's life is on the line...if Inanis takes over, Tacey is as good as dead."

Michael looks at his PDA as if waiting for something. "...well soon as Will finds her it'll be all fixed before you know it...oh and, Inanis may not be who you think she is...I said she appeared after the deck burning right?"

Yumi lets out a sigh. "I think so. All I remember were the screams...and the black smoke."

Michael put his deck back in his pocket. "I couldn't get it out of my head either...for the longest time..."

"How did you get over it?" Yumi wondered, sliding her duel disk off her arm.

Michael got out his duel disk from his back pack and slotted it onto his arm. "...the same way Tacey is going to get over it."
On the same day of Andrea's duel, Will walks into the fast food joint "Blue Eyes Burger", where Yumi has already ordered and is eating a burger on a pretzel bread.

"Hey, Yumi...pretzels again?" Will asked as he walked over.

Yumi ignores Will's comment as he sits down. "I asked Tacey if she wanted something, but...she's not hungry. Heck, I told her you'd be coming, but then she got all fussy..."

Will makes a wry smile. "Let's not get into that right now. Any news?"

Yumi puts her burger down and grabs a napkin to wipe her mouth. "Yeah. I got a duel today." she answers, seemingly bored at the thought. "Oh, and um...I got some juicy news about you-know-who."

"You-know-who?" Will looks confused at the vague words.

"Well, yeah! Mister 'old-and-snoozy'!" Yumi continues before grabbing her soda.

Will's expression turns serious. "You mean Mike? What about him?"

Yumi puts her glass down and thinks. "Let's see...what was it again?"

Will facepalms. "You called me here, and you forgot what you wanted to tell me?"

Yumi looks around, not looking at Will for a second. "Umm...maybe he'll be here? Anyways, I wanna finish my lunch before my duel."

Will gets up and sighs. "What a waste of time..."

Yumi raises her hand to get Will's attention as he walks to the counter. "Hey! if you order anything, grab me a hot fudge sundae!" She shouts.

Will rolls his eyes. "Where does she put all that food...?"

Yumi grabs her burger again before she spots someone outside. "Huh? Is can't be. He's dressed all wrong."

Yumi does notice Michael walking by outside, however his purple sweater has ben swapped for what looks like an expensive white jacket, a purple shirt with green claw marks imprinted on it, light blue jeans and green canvas shoes with white ends.

Yumi grabs her soda in the other hand, takes a bite of her burger, then walks out of the restaurant. "Where is he off to? MIIIKE!"

Mike turns around to Yumi , then rubs one eye a few times before taking out some small earphones and walking over to her. "Um, Yumi right?" He asked as soon as he was within a few feet of her.

Yumi puts her hands to her sides, almost smearing ketchup on her white-and-pink shirt striped shirt. "Yeah! Whatcha doin'? And what's with the getup?"

Mike rubbed the back of his neck. "I had a looong nap after dueling most of the night...and my Neptune apartment had a mirror...I noticed how messy and torn my clothing was, which makes sense I guess I didn't bother buying new clothes due to me travelling constantly. So with some of the money I won from dueling all night I got new clothes and a new MP3 player."

Yumi looks up and down at Mike. "You look like you spent a fortune on many duels did you do? Fifty?"

Mike blushed lightly at Yumi scanning his outfit with her eyes. " do I look anyway...?"

Yumi: "Actually, you look snappy. I bet the next time, you'll be dressed in a tux or something!" Yumi grabs a bite of her burger and checks her PDA. "NO WAY!!! It's that time already?"

Will walks out, holding the sundae in one hand and a bag in the other. "Hey, here's your sundae." Will looks at Mike. "Huh...didn't think you had clothes like that."

Mike looked back at Will. "I didn't, I bought them about twenty minutes ago."

Yumi quickly looks at Will. "Sorry, gottarungottagonow!" She lets out before running off, knocking the sundae out of Will's hands and all over him.

Will looks back at Yumi. "GET BACK HERE!" he yells, forcing her to walk back, head down. "What the hell, Yumi? First you have me buy a sundae, then you Spill it all over me!"

Mike shook his head but wore a bright smile. "Good thing the Neptune tower is close enough to run and change to, eh Will?"

Will looks frustrated as he tries wiping the ice cream and molten chocolate off his jeans, shirt and shoes. "Yeah, yeah, laugh if off, will ya?"

Mike kept his smile. "Maybe I will, nothing's better than letting-" Suddenly Mike looked over to his right, but from where his eyes were looking it was as if he was looking at something on his right shoulder.

"What is it Dora?" Mike asked rather frantically.

Mike narrowed his eyes. "What? Yumi? Come on Dora don't play jokes, especially with  new friends of ours..."

Yumi finishes her burger. "Hey, was nice seeing you all, but I got a duel to go to...maybe we could talk over sushi? Oh...right, sorry."

Mike then looked over at Yumi. "...what's wrong with Sushi?"

Will looks confused. "What's...what are you two talking about?"

Mike looked over to his left shoulder. "Ah she was thinking of you Ruba...well Yumi a lot of my Guardians care for animals but I'm not a Vegetarian."

Mike looks back to his right, grabbing his ear. "Hey calm down Dora I heard you."

Yumi looks back at her PDA. "Sorry, but can we talk about it later? If I end up late, they'll kick me out!"

Will tries not to fold his arms over the smear. "Look, I'll go change. Yumi, head to your duel...Mike, whatever."

"Although whatever is my favourite hobby, I'll probably just check out Yumi's duel...then I need to ask you both about your friend with the hood." Mike stated.

Will looks concerned. "You mean Tacey...yeah, we're gonna have to talk."

Around ten minutes later, Yumi makes it to the duel arena on-time with a few minutes to spare in the prep-room, the area which duelists walk-out from and onto the stage. Yumi paces around. "Man oh man...I hope he didn't believe that." she tells herself. "Okay...okay, calm down, keep it cheerful...nice and happy."

Meanwhile Michael is in the lounge watching the duel about to take place on-screen. "If she is what you say she is Dora...then something interesting'll happen during this duel..."

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the first of the afternoon matches here at Arena Alpha! Let's not waste any time and drag these two monster maniacs out to the staaaage!" The announcer yelled. "In the red side, the clown duelist who has spent Obelisk knows how many years in the  Venus rank, but she sure does love to duel and making folks smile during them, please welcome Yumi Dokeshi!"

Yumi jumps in, doing a few aerobatics before waving at the crowd.

"Aaaaand in the blue side, fresh into the Venus rank, giving a new spin on horror decks, please welcome with a moan the Zombie duelist Craiiiiig Dunst!"

A blad man with a rather grey complexion slowly walks out, readying a tomb-stone looking duel disk. "...ready."

Yumi looks at her opponent, not liking his overall looks. "Okay, peeps! Showtime!" she lets out, keeping with the act.

Both Yumi and her opponent Craig exclaim 'duel' but can't hear Craig's murmur over Yumi's "DUEL!"

Yumi draws her opening hand. "Let's get hoppin'! I start with Mystic Clown in attack mode!'

Yumi draws her opening hand. "Let's get hoppin'! I start with Mystic Clown in attack mode!" The creature that appears looks more of a scary clown that a happy one, as it wears clothes covered in eye-like motif and a strange mask that covers most of its face. 1500 ATK Yumi looks at her hand. "Umm...I'll snap two cards down on the field, and end my turn!"

Craig draws his sixth card. "Uh...cone zombie in attack mode." 1600 attack. A strange purple zombie with a traffic cone on it's head came out of the ground. "Attack clown."

"BZZZT! Wrong answer!" Yumi lets out. "I activate my face-down, 'Squirt Flower'! Hope your monster's thirsty, 'cause it's Attack and Defense are gonna pop down by 600!"
A large flower blooms in the middle of the field, squirting Cone Zombie like a fire hose.

Craig seems un-phased. "...Cone-zombie effect, once per turn is he destroyed...he not." Craig's eyes widen slightly when he sees Cone-zombie smashed by the Mystic Clown. 3500 LP.

Yumi spaces out for a moment before looking at Craig. "Huh? Oh...sorry. My lil flower's got ya pranked! Thanks to its effect, your conehead can't use its effect this turn,"

Craig moved his jaw strangely. "Still try stop other zombies, when zombie on field gone, can summon from hand; bucket zombie!" 2300 Attack. "And door zombie!" 2500 defense. A zombie with a bucket on it's head, and one hiding behind a huge wooden door came from the ground.

Yumi looks at the two newcomers. "Yikes...creepy much?"

Craig stopped his jaw from moving with his hand. "Still battle phase...attack bucket!" Bucket zombie limped over to Mystic Clown and prepared to bite it.

Yumi looks uneasy as Bucket Zombie sinks its rotted teeth into Mystic Clown, causing it to break apart. "Uh oh..." 3200 LP.

Craig looks back at his hand. "Set card, turn end." Craig stares at the two remaining cards in his hand before looking back at the field.

Yumi takes a deep breath. "Here goes! Draw time!" Yumi looks at her card. "Nice! I play the spell 'Jester's Panic'! Thanks to that, I can reveal a card in my hand and if your face-down and my card are the same type, yours goes Betty-bye-bye! So, I'll reveal a trap, 'Encore! Encore!"

Yumi takes a deep breath. "Here goes! Draw time!" (looks at her card) "Nice! I play the spell 'Jester's Panic'! Thanks to that, I can reveal a card in my hand and if your face-down and my card are the same type, yours goes Betty-bye-bye! So, I'll reveal a trap, 'Encore! Encore!" Yumi looks back at her card for a second. "Huh? Oh, sorry. Looks like you have to show me your card first, then I show you mine. Oopsie..."

Mike rubs his chin in thought. "Either she's a really good actress...or she's beyond cute..."

Craig turns his face-down over. "It mystical space typhoon."

Yumi shrugs. "Well, that's a big joke. Here's mine!" She puts one card away and pulls out another. "Ta dah! Foolish Return!"

Craig looked at Yumi's field. "Still can use it before destroyed; on last backrow."

Yumi mopes as her face-down card 'Sad Clown's Lament' is destroyed. "Ah, poop." Yumi looks at her hand. "I'll slap one face-down, and play this guy face-down in defense. That's that!"

Craig barely mvoed a msucle as he drew without a word. "...summon digger zombie!" A zombie wearing ragged overalls, a helmed and carrying a rusty shovel came only so much out of the ground; his bottom half still submerged. 1200 attack. "Once per turn, target one face-down card, that destroyed but he no attack; target monster." The digger zombie began to tunnel underground and towards the face-down monster.

Yumi raised her hand. "Too bad, so sad, but you just sent Peter to the grave, and by sending him outta town I can bring one of his brothers to the stage!" 1200 defense.

Craig looked at the new clown. "...bucket zombie...attack."

Yumi groans as Peten gets bitten and breaks apart. "Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on you again! Peten's got one last pal to show up!" 1200 Defense.

Craig stares back at his hand. "...not enough in grave for this turn end."

Yumi points at her face-down card. "You might be done, but I didn't say I was! I'm activating my face-down 'Encore! Encore!' Thanks to that, I can bring back one of my Clowns from the grave back to the field, so come back, Mystic Clown!" The lanky clown flips back onto the field. 1500 ATK Yumi looks at the field, then takes a deep breath. "Draw time!" she lets out as she draws, then looks at the card. "Time for the main act! I summon my Wood Clown in attack mode!" A skull-faced jester hops onto the field, making a creepy laughter. 500 Attack

Yumi looks at the field. "Time to join the Festival, folks! I choose Masked Clown, Mystic Clown and Peten for a three-way trick! Watch and be amazed, ladies and gents, 'cause these three clowns are about to bring out the ringleader, the one, the only...Clopin, Master Jester!"

The three clowns vanish onto the field in a burst of smoke as a tall jester, its legs held on stilts, appears on the field, wearing the coats of a circus ringmaster, but holds a series of burning juggling pins in his hands. 2600 ATK

Michael narrows his eyes. " I'm definitely curious...because we know that Sequence monsters don't come from random packs, right Dora?"

Yumi looks at the field. "For the first act of the show, Clopin will make Digger Zombie go boom! Make the pins rain!" The overly tall clown begins juggling with his pins before tossing them down at the smallest of the three zombies.

Digger zombie drops his shovel and tries to catch the burning pins.

Yumi claps. "Bravo! And onto the next trick: whenever Clopin deals battle damage, all of the cards in your hand go bye-bye, and I get to draw as many cards as you dropped!"

Mike folded his arms. "Since it's during the damage step, Craig can't summon the zombies in his hand when Digger Zombie is destroyed."

Digger zombie explodes as the pins hit him, though Craig only murmurs at the sight. 2100 LP.

Yumi looks at Craig, then at his hand. "Ah come on...why the grumpy face? Oh it because you lost your cards? Sowwy!" she says, pulling her tongue at him.

Yumi smirks as she draws. "And a one...and a two! I place two cards face-down and end my turn!"

Craig draws without a sound, not even reactng to the card he drew. "Activate effect of monster in hand; zombie midget, I target one monster; Clopin, equip this card, he lose 300 attack, plus other effect when you have him attack...but now bucket zombie attack weaker Clopin." Bucket zombie began it's usual shuffle towards Clopin.

"Here comes the pies!" Yumi lets out as she activates her face-down. "Pie Splat! When you try to attack, my card splats your monster down to defense mode. Plus! Your monster can't get out of the cream pies until the beginning of your next turn!" 1800 Defense.

Craig lowers his duel disk. "Turn end."

Yumi looks at the field. "I'm gonna make this count! Draw time!" After checking her card, she nods. "Okay. I summon 'Entermage Trick Clown' in attack mode!" A quirky clown, walking on his hands, pops on the field in a star-covered suit, holding a cane in his hands and sticking his tongue out. 1600 Attack. "Next, I reveal my face-down card, 'Smile World'! Thanks to this trick, all our monsters gain 100 Attack for each monster on the field until the end of the turn!" The field is flooded with smileys and cheerful faces. Yumi claps and tries to cheer the crowd on. "Let's put some smiles all around! Trick Clown, kick Bucket Zombie's bucket!"

The kick to Bucket zombie's head makes a huge dent in it, but does not destroy the monster.

Craig blinks. "If Bucket head destroyed...not, and dent counter added, when has 3 counters he destroyed."

Yumi looks surprised. "Seriously? Oh well...time for some Knock-Knock jokes! Clopin, smack some sense into Door Zombie!"

Door zombie gets crushed by his own door when Clopin knocks on it.

Craig looked at Clopin, who still has midget zombie calmbering all over his face. "Effect of Midget Zombie, when Clopin attack, flip coin...guess right attack go through, guess wrong and attack own monster."

Yumi shakes her head. "Hmm...tails!"

The coin in the middle of the arena materialises, flips and lands on heads.

Yumi looks startled. "Seriously?!?"

Clopin can't see due to the zombie on his face, and instead attacks trick clown.

Yumi jumps up and down, fuming as her life points drop to 2500. "No fair!"

Yumi mopes before looking at the field. "I'll activate Trick Clown's effect! When he goes to the grave, I can special summon another Entermage from my grave, but it loses all its attack and defense, and I take 1000 points of damage!" Entermage Trick Clown reappears on the field as Yumi's life points drop to 1500, but its dropped defense makes it drop on its face.

Yumi lets out a sigh. "That's all for me this turn..."

Craig draws, and shakes his jaw when he sees the card he drew. "Time for...fave card...tribute Screen...and bucket...then summon...Gargantuar Zombie!" 3000 Attack. A huge muscle-bound zombie, equipped with a power-line and with a midget zombie on it's back, towers over Clopin.

Yumi looks way up at the creature. ""

Craig blinked a few times. "Gargantuar, attack Clopin..." Gargantaur stomped over to Clopin who still only has 2300 attack due to the midget zombie on it.

Yumi cringes as her best monster is crushed, her life points dropping to 800.

Craig's jaw moved. "Gargantuar effect...when destroy monster, zombie in grave...return; bucket zombie." 2300 attack, bucket zombie rose from where Clopin had fallen. "Still battle...phase...bucket attack trick."

Yumi lets out a worried sigh as her monster is destroyed. "Ah, man..."

Craig left his mouth hang open. "...turn end."

Yumi looks glum. 'This is real bad...' she thinks. 'No monsters, no cards on the field, nothing in my hand...'

Yumi slowly draws her card and looks at it. "I place one card face-down and end."

Craig draws then looks at field. "...duel good..."

Yumi looks confused at the zombie duelist. "Huh?"

Craig looked over at Yumi. "...hope we duel again sometime..."

Yumi tries her best to cheer up. "...yeah. Yeah! That'd be great!"

Craig almost smiles for a second. "Bucket zombie...end duel..."

Yumi smirks as the strike knocks her down, dropping her life points to 0.

Yumi lets out a relieved smile. "That was a smile...I just know it was." she says to herself.

"Aaaaand it's overrrr! Craig seems to be really moving up through the league, keep an eye on him next week when he faces-" The announcer carries on as Craig walks over to Yumi, holding out his hand.

Yumi grabs onto the man's hand and gets up. "Thanks. I thought I had you for a sec."

Craig nods slightly. "Glad you not...find me scary...hope meet more like you in future..."

Yumi makes a relieved smile. "Hey, I've seen some scarier things before..." She closes her eyes and thinks back to old memories. "Much, much scarier..."

Meanwhile back in the lounge, Will walks in whilst Michael looks at the screen showing Yumi and Craig shaking hands.

"Hmmmm...she didn't really show much other than how lacking her skills are...but then that sequence monster..." Michael thought aloud.

Will looks over to Michael. "She lost another one, did she."

Michael looked back at Will, then back at the screen. " you know how long she's had that sequence monster...?"

Will looks confused. "Sequence monster? Mike, I missed the whole duel. I had to go change clothes, remember? I didn't...wait...I don't remember her ever having a Sequence Monster."

Mike narrowed his eyes. "...then why did she use it it because-"

"Dude it's the Ice Queen!" A random male duelist shouted from the lobby outside.

Will sharply turns around. "Holy...what's a Jupiter doing here?"

Mike turned to face Will. "A Jupiter...oh those high rank guys...what they don't come to the lounges or anything?"

Will shakes his head. "Hardly. When one shows up, it's like a king coming to visit...or in this case, a queen!"

Mike rubbed the back of his head. "Well if she's here, might as-well challenge her, I mean the best part of dueling for me is the challenge and, if she IS as tough as you keep building these Jupiters up to be..."

Will frowns back at Mike. "Are you crazy? You don't have the Rank for that!"

Suddenly a voice came from right outside the lounge the two were in; "Um, Michael Silver? Um...yeah he's right in there Miss Crystal."

Michael turned to face the entrance of the room. " were saying...?"

Will looks uneasily at Michael. 'What the...' he thinks. 'How does a Jupiter know him? Who the heck is this guy...I mean, who is he REALLY?'
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