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The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 6 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Again the crooked-shot. >,< But I do love this final shot, the look on Mitsuru's face is just GOLD! =D The way her body seems to be wrig...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 5 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Again the crooked shot is a little off-putting. Other than that, I love the finsihed tape job! Tying her hands to her legs was an amazi...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 4 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Oh my goodness! The way her sleeping face looks in this shot is just so beautiful! I especially love how well her make-up looks in this...

The kidnapping of Mitsuru Kirijo 3 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Now this is just beautiful! Her radiant sleeping face shows such innocence and vulnerability, her lovely long legs going limp in the at...



Tacey's eyes lose their blurriness as she stares up at a dark blue ceiling. The feel of the large mattress under her body feels much different than the tiny bed she was used to in the Mars apartment. Slowly getting up, she notices a few oddly-placed objects here and there - a stationary bicycle, a flat-screen television, and a pair of nightstands and wooden drawers. "What the...? Where am I?"

Michael's voice draws her eyes to the side. "In Will's house...and what's with the bicycle?" Michael was leaning against the wall, near the window.

Will is standing next to the door, wearing a red shirt and black jeans, a white logo half-hidden by his folded arms. "Hey, I do like to workout when I'm not dueling."

Tacey looks at Michael, then at Will and back. "What happened?"

Michael stood up straight, looking over at Tacey with his usual tired look. "You passed out like I happens to everyone when they get their first mark." Michael turned to Will. "And why not just get a REAL bike?"

Will frowns. "Can you knock it off with my bike? I workout the way I want!"

Tacey slides her feet down to the floor, sitting on the bed. "R-right...last I remember, I was trying to keep my dragon alive, but...I guess the duel never really finished." she says, before looking back at the two. "Where's Olivia?"

Michael took out his flask. "In the bathroom..." Michael then took a swig of his flask.

A knock came at the door. "Guys, is she up yet?"

Michael shook his head. "You don't have to knock..."

Will opens the door. "Hope you didn't get lost along the way."

Olivia walks in, wearing a sleeveless white chemise with a multicolored skirt that stops at knee level, dark red shoes and a pair of long, white gloves that reach just under her elbows. "Not funny... and I wanted to be polite, okay?"

Michael sighed. "At least you're not covering up your marks again."

Olivia looks away, mildly blushing. "Yeah, yeah..." she mutters, avoiding eye contact with Michael. "So, Tacey...are you doing okay?"

Tacey nods. "I think so. Thank you."

Olivia looks embarassed. "Hey...I didn't do anything!"

Will shakes his head. "I think she meant it at all of us." he corrected her. "So...what do we do now?"

Michael put away his flask. "When she's got all her wits about her..." Michael looks over at Will. "Really, we shouldn't have let you know anything...and I'm afraid I'm going to stop letting you know anymore." Michael rubbed the back of his head as he looked out the window. "If not, the old man will really not let me off..." Michael turned back to Tacey. "So yeah, as soon as you can think straight enough, message me..."

Will cocks an eyebrow. "The old man?"

Olivia walks over to Will. " you think we can order something? I bet everyone's hungry..."

Michael looked over at Olivia. "I heard when you first bumped into WIll you wanted to bite his head off...why so shy all of a sudden?"

Olivia freezes over in shock. "Wh-who told you that?!?"

Michael looked over at Will.

"Leave me out of this, would ya?" Will says, not in the mood for talking about it as he walks out. "Look, if you guys want to eat, I'll go make something. I'll be in the kitchen."

Michael rubbed his eyes. "Was only answering her question."

Tacey looks at the two. "So I got a mark..." she says, before looking at her hand. "What am I supposed to do with it?"

Michael turned back to Tacey. "Really for now, just get used to it...especially when you get the second and third marks. Olivia and I will take you to the Tower when you're feeling better."

Tacey slowly gets up. "I'm fine...I think." she says, her legs still a bit shaky. "I'm used to this kind of...thing."

Olivia tilts her head. "Getting a Mark?"

Tacey shakes her head. "Being sickly."

Olivia's blush disappears as she looks uneasily at Tacey. "Uhh...what?"

Tacey let out a sigh and sits back on the bed. "When I was young, I was diagnosed with leukemia. My dad did everything he could to pay the bill. But...I don't think I would have made it without Yumi."

Michael kept quiet, leaning back against the wall.

Olivia blinks. "Who's Yumi?"

Michael looks back at Olivia. "Her friend..."

Tacey nods. "I don't know how he did it, but my dad even got me to duel with Miss K, so I could learn to be a real duelist, and then I met Will. I guess...that's what brought me here."

Michael sighed. "Speaking of what brought who where...after I'm sure you're good with your marks...I'll be leaving."

Olivia looks panicked. "Leaving?!?"

Michael lightly nods. "I never like staying in one place...old habit...frankly I only accepted the invite to this circuit out of curiosity...and stayed longer to save you." Michael said, looking over at Tacey during his last sentence.

Tacey struggles to get up. "Thank you. I...I'll try not to be a bother to anyone."

Michael walks over, keeping Tacey sat down by putting a hand on her shoulder. "Stay least eat whatever Will is cooking up before you try and stand up."

Tacey smirks. "I just hope he won't go put too many tomatoes like last time..."

Olivia shrugs. "So, umm...what do we do in the meantime?" she says before turning towards the flat-screen television. "I wonder if there's a duel going on?"

As the screen lights up, the image shows a duel that is just starting. "Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a rare treat from our top duelists! Today, one of the Jupiter Six duelists, Pietro Polovich, has accepted to duel an up-and-coming duelist who has earned enough victories to challenge one of the elite! Folks, hold on to your seats, because it's gonna be a blast!"

"Presenting, born in Russia, but now living in the United States, the Machine Master... the Expert in Explosives...Jupiter Six's own...Pietro Polovich!"

The duelist who walks in is large... in a bad way. He seems obese and is dressed lazily in sweat pants and a black and red polo shirt. His hair is kept short, making his face look rounder.

Olivia makes a face as she notices Pietro walk over. "Eww...he looks like a total slob!"

Michael looks back at Will's bike. "Clearly more duelists need to buy excercise equipment..."

"And the challenger...from the cold regions of Norway, who stands at the steps of greatness...Johan Casselman!"

The newcomer looks like he stepped out of a military camp, though his camo pants and shirt are not of the same patterns and colors. Opposite to Pietro, he looks in far better shape...though his long black hair and dark gray eyes make him almost look gothic.

Johan activates his duel disk. "You are but a wall of lard in my way into Jupiter Six!"

Pietro shrugs as he activates his own disk, the object emitting a black light. "Pfft...I was hoping for target practice. I guess you'll have to do..."

The announcer looks at the two. "It seems the champion isn't impressed! Let's see if the challenger can back his previous threats and make it into Jupiter! Are you ready, folks? It's time!"


Pietro pulls out his opening hand. "I'm gonna start this off with a boom!" he says. "First, I send 'Machina Cannon' to my graveyard to summon 'Machina Fortress' in attack mode!" A massive three wheeled tank with a rail-gun attached to it appears on the field, its weight actually slamming into the ground. 2500 Attack.

Olivia takes a step back. "Huh?" she lets out before looking at Tacey, then at Mike. "Did you just see that?"

Mike kept his eyes on the duel, not saying a word.

Pietro doesn't look at Johan as he continues, as if it didn't matter what was going on. "Next, I'm summoning Machina Sniper in attack mode!" The creature that appears is a robotic soldier, holding a fully-mounted sniper rifle. 1800 Attack. "I'll place two cards face-down and end my turn."

Johan takes a long breath before starting his turn. "Draw!" he lets out. "Since you have more monsters on the field than I do, I can summon 'Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight' in attack mode!" The familiar spear-wielding, armored rider appears on the field, rearing his horse. 2300 attack. "Next, I play the spell 'Back-Up Rider', giving Gaia an extra 1500 Attack points until the end of this turn!" 3800 Attack

Johan places two cards face-down. "Gaia, attack Machina Sniper!"

Pietro rolls his eyes. "Fine, your funeral...I activate 'Covering Fire' and 'Limiter Removal'!"

Johan takes a step back, shocked. "Wh-what?"

Pietro looks bothered. "Do I have to explain? Such a bother...anyways, 'Limiter Removal' doubles all of my Machines' attack power until the end of the turn, then they blow up, and 'Covering Fire' adds 'Machina Fortress's attack power to Machina Sniper's Attack for this battle."

Johan looks spooked as Machina Sniper's attack increased to 3600, and then to 8600. "You've gotta be..."

Pietro raises his free hand, fingers pointing like a gun as Machina Sniper locks on to Gaia. "Boom." is all he says as the charging knight is struck with enough force to obliterate it, that same force striking Johan so hard that he is slammed in the back wall of the dueling field.

A moment of stunned silence hits the field as the announcer tries to figure what happened, while Pietro leaves the field. "What in...what in blazes was that? Folks, not only did Pietro completely destroy Johan in one counter-attack, but...oh crap! Someone call medics!" he lets out, just as the screen quickly shifts into a 'Please Standby' picture.

Tacey looks mortified, while Olivia stares at the screen. "What...the hell...was that?"

Michael grunts lightly. "Looks like I'm staying MUCH longer than I thought..."

Will walks into the room. "Okay guys! Seafood Curry's on the..." he says before noticing the girls' expressions. "Uh...did I miss something?"

Michael looks over at Will. "I'm not one for curry...seafood yeah but...maybe I'll just go to Blue Eyes burger."

Olivia seems too shocked to think straight. " think I'm gonna have to sit down..."

Tacey slowly gets up. "I...think we need to talk. Curry'll be fine for me."

Michael quickly turned to Tacey. "No we don't need to talk." Michael spoke with a bit of anger in his voice.

Will shrugs. "Fine, forget I asked..."

Around two hours later back at Michael's apartment, Michael, Tacey and Olivia enter.

"Sorry Tacey, but as I said Will knows too much already...and I meant it when I said there's no need to talk." Michael stated as they walked in.

Tacey looks uneasy. "What do you mean? I mean, is it because he doesn't have a Mark?"

Michael rubbed one eye. "In a way...but if you don't want him in harm's way or his memory wiped...then don't tell him anything more that's spirit-related."

Olivia readjusts her scrunchie to keep her ponytail in check. "It's all super-secret-double-hush-hush stuff, really."

Michael nodded. "It's why the Dark and Light duelists don't know about us yet."

Tacey narrows her eyes. "The what?"

Michael folded his arms. "Pretty much: that Pietro guy earlier...and this Samuel you mentioned before sounds like one too. All I can say is that they're duelists that bring danger and want danger."

Tacey lowers her eyes. "I...see. So that wasn't a show we saw, right? That...those machines?"

"You're picking up fast..." Olivia said with a hint of sarcasm. "I mean, 'Hello?' How could Duel Monsters end up solid without spirits?"

Michael sat on the floor. "Whatever it was just now, it wasn't Tacey...where we're going to take you...only we can go...and only when you're at peace of mind..."

Tacey seems confused. "I...don't understand."

"...for now, meditate, I'll handle the rest. Olivia help her if you can." Michael closed his eyes and crossed his legs before the highlights in his hair began to glow.

Olivia helps Tacey into the same sitting position as Mike. "If you don't know how to meditate... just...think of something that makes you happy, okay?" She says before sitting in the same position herself and closing her eyes, the stars under her eyes beginning to glow faintly.

Tacey takes a long minute to find something she can focus on before she begins to calm down, the half-open eye on her hand glimmering slightly.

Suddenly Tacey sees a bright light appear in the centre, and feeling like some heavenly force just entered through her mouth, cooling her entire head like a refreshing breeze as the light grew bigger. Suddenly the light faded, Tacey feels the floor beneath her dissapear, her legs fall down until her feet touch ground. Tacey opens her eyes to see a large empty plain that seems to go on forever, the only sound being a gentle breeze dancing on the very air itself.

Tacey slowly looks around. "What is this place?"

"That...would be the wrong direction." Olivia says. "Turn around."

Tacey turns to see what at first she thinks is a large stone wall with multi-coloured marks glowing in it like cracks, but upon taking a few steps back and gazing skyward, she finds out the wall is in fact a giant tower that seems to keep going on forever, even the width of the tower seems impossible to comprehend.

"Careful, if you try to see the top you'll only fall backwards." Michael commented.

Tacey stops looking up when she slightly tilts back. "And that is...?"

Michael stepped forward, letting his jacket flow in the breeze. "Tacey White, the Tower of Faith."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 12
Tacey awakens only to be given more confusion as one of the Jupiter Six shows off their ability...and new duel disk.
At Michael's Neptune apartment, consisting of 5 rooms; a lounge, bedroom, kitchen, closet and study. Michael has brought Olivia, Tacey and Will here to explain things. Himself and Olivia on one couch with Tacey and Will sat opposite, seperated by a coffee table.

Michael leans back and kicks his feet onto the table before looking over to Olivia, who's still covering herself in her giant red cape. "...would you kindly take that off Miss Heart?"

Olivia looks back at her cape. "Why? What's wrong with it? Oh, don't tell me Battletaur tore it up...!"

Michael sighed. "No it's just a bit rude to wear it indoors...don't you think?"

Will looks at Olivia with an uneasy expression. "Is she always like that?"

Michael looked back at Will. "Not wanting to remove her cape? No, in fact the cape and mask are rather new..."

Olivia looks down for a moment. " you think I can use a room to change?"

Michael raised an eyebrow. " ARE wearing something underneath that right...?"

Olivia nervously gets up. "O-of course I am...I just don't want to give off the wrong impression."

Michael grew a look of worry. "What do you mean...?"

Olivia starts to blush heavily. "I know what? Forget it!" she lets out before leaving the room, feeling overly embarrassed.

Michael took out his flask, shaking his head before swigging a mouthfull. "Guess she isn't wearing much under it..."

Will looks at Michael, having trouble believing what he just heard. "What the...sheesh, what's the deal with her?"

Michael put his flask away. "I'm as stumped as you are. She was perfectly fine when I last saw her three years ago."

Tacey tilts her head. "Three years ago?"

Michael rolled his eyes. "Yes, three years ago...look I told you guys I'd tell you the whole thing, that's why I brought you up here. I don't like talking about people when they're not here so let's wait for her to come back, alright?"

Will and Tacey nodded, waiting several minutes before Olivia arrived, dressed in a purple t-shirt, white jeans and wearing a pair of black and white striped loafers. "Sorry for the wait." she said before walking back to the group, a heavy amount of foundation covering her marks.

A sweatdrop went down Michael's head as Olivia sat down. "Those clothes..."

Tacey doesn't know how to react. "Umm...did you just...?"

Will gets up and examines the outfit. "Those are his clothes...right?"

Olivia looks utterly embarassed, her head drooping. "Y-yeah..."

Michael sighed. "Gonna have to get you some of your own clothing any case, Olivia. Do you want to tell them what happened before we met? You don't have to if you don't want to." Michael spoke sternly.

Olivia sighed. "I guess..." she says, not looking up. "Ever since I was tiny, I could see Duel Spirits. You think people would understand...but they treated me like a freak show. It got even worse when my Marks appeared."

Will looks at Olivia then at Michael. "Her what?"

"Save your questions for the end..." Michael replied as if he were a tour guide. "But allow to explain this much for now, Olivia is what's known as a 'gifted'. Unlike me or Tacey, her spirit energy kept increasing over time without any direct influence, instead of it being awoken like it was for Tacey."

Olivia puts her hands to her forehead. "They pushed me around, so I made my deck big so they'd stop it. But...that's when my monsters turned bad..."

Michael closed his eyes. "The other thing is that those who awaken get their spirit deck immediately, at least 40..." Michael opened his eyes again. "With 'gifted' such as's...hard to explain...mostly because even they don't remember how they got their spirit cards."

Olivia closes her eyes. "If Michael hadn't stopped them, and showed me how to control them a little, things would have gotten even uglier."

Will cringes at the thought. "That was already ugly enough...jeez, that maniac bull almost cut me in half!"

Michael looked over at Will. "When I first met Olivia, her monster was cutting a house in half..." He stated, as if to prove something. Michael looked up. "It wasn't the first time I had to teach another spirit user how to use their powers...but I had never met another spirit duelist who could flat out destroy a house with one monster. So of course I stepped in like I did earleir today, controlling the spirit energy by connecting it to my own and calming her." Michael looked back at Olivia. "To make sure she could fully control herself and her monsters, I spent a good month teaching her. I taught her dueling techniques, how spirit energy works, how to make sure her monster's attacks would be real...and other things." Michael sighed before giving Olivia a stern look. "One of those other things being, not to cover up her marks."

Olivia clenched her fists, tears dampening her jeans. "I wish I never had those...I wish people left me alone!"

Tacey looks at Olivia. "Believe me, I know how that feels."

Olivia shakes her head. "No, you don't! You don't have any Mark on you!"

Michael licked his forefinger and middle finger. "Speaking of..." Without warning Michael began to rub away the foundation on Olivia's face where her marks are.

Olivia tries to keep Michael's hands away, only to reveal a series of star-shaped marks on her skin, going from her left cheek to her right, and over the ridge of her nose.

Michael tried to calm Olivia down by slowly stroking her right cheek. "I told you before...the marks are a part of who you are...a mirror of your soul...and honestly, they make you look beautiful."

Olivia shakes her head. "They made everyone think I was a freak!" she lets out, getting on her feet.

Michael pulls her back, making her sit down. " I said, a mirror of the soul." HE spoke, sadness echoing in his voice.

Tacey looks at Michael. "I don't understand...why do you two have that?"

Michael folded his arms. "Marks of Faith, just as mysterious as the power of spirit itself, they manifest more as you gain more spirit potential...think of it like leveling up in a video game, gaining 'SP' Spirit points, and for the sake of explanation, a new mark appears every hundred SP or so...but, only three will appear, no spirit user has ever gotten more than three marks."

Olivia tries to cover her face, as Will looks at her, then at Michael. "Yeah, but normally, aren't players supposed to start at level 1 in games? How do you know you've got that kind that is?"

Michael places a card on his duel disk. "Dospe, bonk him on the nose." Guardian of Dreams Dospe appeared, and on command, floated over to Will and lightly 'bonked' him on the nose.

"Ow! What was that about?" Will asked, rubbing his nose.

Michael sighed. "You asked..."

"Ugh..." Will rubbed his nose. "Great, so you can actually hurt people with cards."

Dospe began dancing on the table as Michael continued. "At first you don't have to concentrate much to make sure the cards don't physcially affect anything...but, as you continue to use cards, your spirit level will rise." Michael then tugged at one of the highlights in his hair. "And more marks will appear, like milestones." Michael looked over at Tacey. "Your first mark hasn't appeared yet...since it hasn't appeared on it's own..." Michael got up. "We'll have to force it out.."

"Force it out?" Tacey looks startled. "How?"

Dospe floated over to Tacey and began punching the air.

Tacey examines Dospe. "What's he doing?"

Michael raised his duel disk. "Without your first mark you won't be able to understand any duel monster he's trying his best at body language." Dospe floated over to Michael's shoulder. "He was trying to say; 'by dueling'."

Tacey looks down to her deck. "A duel? Now...?"

Michael narrowed his eyes. "If you don't get it out of the way now, it might come at the worst possible point, in an actual duel, and I might not be there to help you control your energy if it gets out of control. So yes, now."

Tacey lets out a sigh. "Then I guess I don't have a choice...who should I face?"

Michael sighed in frustration. "Gee, who here can take your attacks full on?"

Tacey gets up. "Alright, then." she said, pulling her deck out of her pocket - each card now wrapped in a silvery-white card protector.

Michael started walking towards the door. "Are you two gonna watch?" He asked Will and Olivia.

Olivia slowly gets up, not hiding her smeared make-up. "Y-yeah."

Will gets up. "Sure. Haven't seen Tacey duel in too long."

A few minutes later, in the Neptune Tower parking lot, Michael and Tacey face opposite each-other with duel disk raised. Olivia and Will stand far to the side.

Tacey activates her deck. "I wanted this deck to be used in my first official duel for my return to the competition, but I guess I'll have to make due."

Michael took Dospe off his disk. "Remember, this won't be an actual duel...if things go as they usually do for spirit dueling, you might lose conciousness shortly after your first mark appears...if not then definitely your first attack with it revealed. Got it?"

Tacey nods nervously. "Got it..."


Michael draws his opening hand. "I'll set one monster and two cards, ending my turn."

Tacey draws her opening hand. "My turn...and I'll start by summoning 'Awakened Rookie' in attack mode!" The creature that appears is a young girl with silver hair, dressed in desert clothes, and holding a dagger. 600 Attack.

Tacey looks at her hand. "Next, I play the spell 'Back-Row Summon'! Since I have 'Awakened Rookie' in my field, I can reveal one monster from my hand whose level is different from it, and special summon it this turn! So, I'm bringing out 'Awakened Paladin' in attack mode!" The monster that appears is a man wearing a silver armor, holding an immense lance and a large, round shield. 2000 Attack. Tacey looks at Michael's field. "Here goes...Awakened Paladin, attack Michael's monster!"

The Palladin charges forth, Michael's monster flips up, revealing a golem that was squatting but the same height and almost twice the width of the Palladin, the golem was wearing the usual guardian mask. 2200 Defense. "You attacked Guardian of the Valley: Rogot!" Rogot stays perfectly still as the Palladin's sword breaks upon hitting the strange creature. 3800 LP

Tacey lets out a sigh. "I place one card face-down and end my turn."

Will looks at the duel. "Rough start. That big rock's definitely in the way."

Olivia shrugs. "She's not doing that great. If Michael was really going all out, she'd be in a lot more trouble."

Michael draws his fourth card. "I summon Guardian of the Temple: Vauloka!" 1800 Attack, a strange warrior with long blond hair flowing out the back, clad in white plate aromour with strange golden markings all over it, branding a giant silver sword and of course, the warrior's face hidden by the guardian mask. The warrior grunts as it enters the field, revealing it's gender to be female. "Next I play a face-down magic card; Tiralicia's Trident! And equip it to Vauloka!" 2800 Attack. A giant Trident almost as big as the warrior's sword was placed in her hands, looking to be made of Sapphire. "You'll find out who Tiralicia is another time, for now, battle-phase. Vauloka attack her Palladin!"

Tacey shakes her head. "Not this time! I activate my trap 'Awakened Storm'! Since I have two 'Awakened' monsters on my side of the field, I can destroy two spells or traps on your side of the field, so I'm getting rid of your Trident, and your other face-down!"

Suddenly Valouka's armor shined before she attracted the storm's lightning like an outlet, 'awakened storm' is then destroyed. "Sorry, Valouka's effect, my trap and spell cards can't be destroyed whilst she's face up on the field."

Tacey looks shocked as her monster ends up skewered. 3000 LP

Michael looks over to see Olivia jumping up and down with excitement. "No Olivia, I'm not gonna activate her second effect. I end my turn here."

Tacey looks at her field, then at her hand. "Gotta keep it together...I draw!"

Will seems confused. "What did he mean by second effect?"

Olivia locks onto Michael. "Vauloka's big effect is that it can attack another again if it destroyed another monster. If he used it, he would've swept the duel! Come on, Mikey! Show her the ropes!"

Michael had a sweatdrop go down his face. "P-Please don't call me Mikey..."

Tacey examines her cards. "This will have to do. I play the spell card 'True Awakening'! This allows me to bring back 'Awakened Paladin' to my field, and increase his level by 1, and then I equip the spell to my Paladin!" As the Paladin appears, a golden crest - shaped like a half-opened eye - appears on his shield. "Next, I summon the Tuner monster, 'Awakened Pixie' in attack mode!" The creature that appears is a miniscule fairy, dressed in pint-sized armor. 0 Attack. "Thanks to Pixie's special ability, when I summon her, I can choose a number between 1 and 8, and its level becomes that number." Tacey explains. "So, I choose level 5!"

Will looks at the field. " she's going for an Exceed Summon..."

"Now, I tune my level 2 'Awakened Rookie' with my level 5 'Awakened Pixie' to synchro summon...Awakened Dragon!" The creature that appears is a silver-scaled dragon, covered head-to-toe in different runes and crests. 2400 Attack. Suddenly a strange light appeared on the back of Tacey's right hand. "Thanks to my Rookie's special effect, Awakened Dragon...huh?" Tacey tries to say before noticing the light from her hand. "What now?"

Will looks startled. "Is that-?"

Michael keeps his arms folded. "Her first Mark of Faith."

Olivia pouts. "It's on her hands...lucky. At least she can cover it easy."

Michael gives Olivia a glare. "You should never cover them up..."

Tacey examines her hand, seeing the same crest that was on 'True Awakening' appear on the back of her hand. " I was saying, with Rookie's effect, since it was used to bring out my Dragon from the Extra Deck, she gives it 600 extra Attack and Defense. So...Awakened Dragon, attack Vauloka!" 3000 Attack

Michael raised one arm. "Sorry but can't let your first spirit attack be 3000, trap activate: Kyumei's Howl!" Suddenly a hologram-like image of Kyumei apeared and howled at the huge dragon, halting it's attack. "When a 'guardian' monster I control is targeted for an attack, that attack  is negated, and the attacking monster must target another guardian monster I control, the attacking monster also loses 800 attack." 2200.

Will folds his arms. "He's not giving her one minute of reprieve..."

Michael looks over at Will. "I suppose you'd like to take that 3000 Attack dragon breath?"

Tacey looks at the field. "No choice...looks like Awakened Dragon has to attack Rogot, but the attack will end up in a tie..." Awakened Dragon breathes a strange fire upon Rogot, but with the hologram of Kyumei standing in the way, Rogot can stand the heat. Tacey looks at the last card in her hand. "I place one card face-down and end my turn."

Michael draws his foruth card. "Like your rookie's effect, Kyumei's howl's effect doesn't go away at the end of the turn." 2200 Attack. "Let's hope that face-down card is worth it, Vauloka, take down her dragon." On command the guardian charges forth at the giant dragon.

"I activate 'Stand Strong'!" Tacey lets out. "Thanks to this, I can switch my Paladin to defense mode, and increase my Dragon's attack by half of my Paladin's defense points!" 2200 + 600 = 2800 Attack

Will looks at the dragon with a strong, confident smile. "Yeah! That's how you push through!"

Olivia lets out a sigh. "You do realize they both have the same attack power? They'll just kill each other."

Michael keeps his eyes on Tacey. "But will she be able to handle it...?"

As Vauloka slowly braves through the dragon's fire she raises her trident, letting out a battle cry before charging at the creature and throwing the Trident straight at it's jaw before collapsing in exhaustion, the dragon also falls at the strike of the trident piercing through it's hide.

Tacey braces herself as both monsters clash, the backlash of the combat pushing her back, causing her vision to blur. "Ugh...I end..." she struggles to say before dropping to her knees.

Michael presses a button on his duel disk, ending the duel. "You end your turn? Heh, it was my turn still..." He comments as he walks over to Tacey.

Will walks over to Tacey, soon followed by Olivia. "Whoa...Tace, you okay?"

Michael shook his head. "Not the best idea to summon a huge monster like that when you're testing out your spirit energy for the first time."

"Feeling...dizzy..." Tacey mutters before dropping against Will, who tried his best to keep her from falling on her face.

Olivia looks on. "Not impressive. Most of my monsters could take that dragon out easy-peezy!"

Michael starts taking the cards from his disk and putting them back into his deck. "Will, go get her an energy drink or something with a lot of sugar and caffeine in it."

Will lies Tacey down on the ground. "Got it. One energy drink and a chocolate bar, coming up!" he says before rushing to his backpack.

Olivia looks at Tacey. "One thing I don't get...if her monsters are 'Awakened', then why is her mark showing an eye that's only half-open?"

"Stay with her until she fully wakes up, then take her to a cafe or somewhere she can sit down." Michael turned towards Olivia, giving her a stare so icy she felt her entire body go numb from it. "" He began.

Olivia starts to panic. "Uh oh..."

Michael slowly walked over, his cold and demanding presence grew as he got closer to Olivia. "First, we're getting you some new clothes...and then, you and I are going to have a small chat..."

Olivia's head drooped. 'I'm in for a major ear-pull' she thinks before letting out a long sigh.

Meanwhile, at one of the Jupiter villas, shadowy figures talk, one of them being Crystal, the girl who recognized Michael as 'Glacier' before.

Crystal holds her plush of Brionac close. " what is it this time?" She asks. "I hate it when we get dragged together like this..."

Another shadowy figure - a burly man dressed in camo pants and a half-torn shirt - walks up, holding a 'Machina Fortress' mini-figurine in hand. "Looks like someone just earned her first Marks."

Another man in the corner grits his teeth at the comment. "Marks...? Don't go on about those stupid 'spirit duelists' again..."

Samuel walks over, dressed black on black, saved for a few red diagonal stripes on his shirt. Around him are a trio of Necrofaces. "Oh, they aren't so stupid...and believe me, she'll make it personal soon enough."

The man in the corner grunts. "By stupid...I meant the idea, he's been talking about them all freaking month...duelists that can make their attacks real?" The man spits at the floor. "What a load..."

A woman, who in the darkness the only thing that can be made out is long blonde hair and what looks like a scarf giggle to herself. "Well what about that kid from the Duel Academy? We all saw on the news he flew on his actual dragon...what lovely prey he'd make..."

The man turns to the woman. "Yeah on I even NEED to finish that sentence?"

The last person shows up, dressed in a deep-green tunic, her hair held in a half-do of dark-brown hair. "Can you two just pipe down? This is a meeting, not a bar fight!"

Crystal looks over at Samuel. "...WHY were we called here...?"

Samuel has a wide grin on his face. "What if I told you that that guy with the dragon won't be the only one who'll be flying monsters around?"

The man in the corner stepped forward, revealing a large scar on one eye. " the disks finally arrived eh...?"

"That's cool." the burly guy said, revealing his pudgy face and his lazily-kept red hair. "Was wondering when I'd get to dish out some real damage with my Machina mechs."

"Pietro, those decks aren't toys!" the tunic-wearing woman said before grabbing her glasses and putting them on. "And someone as lazy as you shouldn't be throwing your weight around..."

The scarred man looks at the two. "You guys seriously still think these disks can make your cards real...?"

Samuel grabs a card from his deck and slaps it on. "Mad Doll of Demise...smash that table in half!"

An eerie, boy-sized wooden puppet appears, a macabre look on its face, as it lifts a large axe over its head and slams it down against the table that separates the group, smashing it into pieces.

"Need another demonstration?" Samuel asks with a mocking tone.

The blonde woman licks her lips. " that's very interesting..."

Pietro looks at the split table. "So you never thought of that before, huh Judy?"

The tunic-wearing girl bites her lower lip. "Oh, shut your fat mouth!"

Crystal pets her Brionac. "...I could actually freeze Glacier...and keep him forever..."

Samuel looks over to Crystal. " you could. How about you give him a nice, cold show of power?"

The scarred man shakes his head. "If you ask me, it's not a real duel if you can actually harm them...I mean with your opponent fatigued, scarred, maybe even drawing blood...just ain't the usual playing field..."

The Blonde haired woman chuckles with delight. "Drawing blood..." She licks her lips. "Then it WOULD be like a real hunt..."

Samuel shrugs. "Your call. I've got better things to do then listen to you whine. Got places to go, people to torment..."

Pietro looks impatient. "Just hand me one of those disks so I can bring on the boom!"

Crystal gets up. "What does HE want in return...?"

The scarred man looks toward Crystal. "...she's right, I doubt he's just gonna give us these for free. What's the catch?"

Samuel rubs his hands. "We test them, do some damage, kill some Spirits. Nothing too difficult, really."

The blonde woman steps forward. "So he just wants a test run of these weapons is that it?" She asks with delight. "Mmmm, then I have the perfect prey in mind..."

Judy looks hesitant, while Pietro doesn't seem to care about the price. "As long as I can watch the fireworks, I'm in!" he says, while the former stays silent.

The scarred man looks toward Judy. "'re not gonna jump on the bandwagon too?"

Judy lets out a sigh. "Fine, I'll accept...but I'll only use it on duelists who are worth my time."

Samuel pulls out a sheet of paper, written red on black. "Just sign at the X..." He says, looking at Mad Doll of Demise with the same eerie grin as the duel monster.
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 11
We find out more about Olivia, Tacey gets a test run and we get introduced to some shady characters...
Meanwhile back in the middle of town, Will readies his duel disk against the cape wearing stranger that bumped into him and immediately challenged him.

Will hits the auto-shuffle option on his deck. "Look, I don't know who you are, or what your problem-"

"Olivia." the girl answers. "My name is Olivia Hart, and you bumped into me. You owe me an apology, and I'll duel you for it!"

Will rolls his eyes. "Look, I'm sorry I-"

"I said I was gonna duel you for it! Don't be a lazy bum about it!" Olivia snapped back as she drew her hand.

"Let's duel!" Olivia says it with conviction, Will without much care for it.

Olivia looks at her opening hand. "I'm not letting you off easy for a second! I play the spell card 'Familiar's Tract!' Thanks to this card, I can send up to 8 levels worth of monsters to the grave to special summon one from my hand with the same level! So, I'm sending 'Soul Beast Bashura to my graveyard to bring out Soul Warrior Brutaur!'" The creature that appears looks like a cross between a minotaur and an elk, dressed in armor and carrying a massive round shield and axe. (2700 Defense) "And as long as he's equipped with 'Familiar's Tract' he stays on the field." A purple, pulsing brand appears on Brutaur's axe arm. "I'll place one card face-down and end my turn!"

Will looks at his hand for a second, then at the creature on the field. "I draw!" Looking at the card he just drew, he immediately plays it. "I play the spell card 'Infinity Stopwatch'!" A silver stop-watch appears on the field, with the 12 marker appearing as a skull. "When my Stopwatch enters the field, it gets a Counter on it." The first hand of the watch moves to 1. "And whenever a monster is summoned, either on your side of the field or mine, the watch gets another counter... so I'll start this off by summoning 'Infinity Sledge Striker' in attack mode!" The monster that appears is a sledgehammer wielding soldier. (1800 ATK) Will looks back to his hand. "I place two cards face-down and end my turn." Infinity Stopwatch's hand moves to 2)

Olivia shrugs. "Your monster couldn't hold a candle against Brutaur...I draw!" Olivia looks at her hand. "I send 'Telling Stone' to the graveyard to activate its effect. Since I have a 'Soul' monster on my field, I can draw two cards. I'll end my turn here, to let it off easy on you."

Will draws his card, looking confused. 'She's got a massive defense, but why didn't she summon anything else?' "I summon 'Infinity Battle Medic in attack mode!" A young man, dressed as a martial artist with a medical kit attached to his back appears. 1500 Attack "Whenever I summon Battle Medic, I gain 500 Life Points for every Infinity monster I have on the field!" Battle Medic's med kit opens, creating a golden light on the field that envelops both monsters and Will for a moment. 5000 LP

Will looks at his hand. 'This could work...' he thinks to himself before pointing at the field. "First, my Stopwatch gains one more Counter!" The Stopwatch's hand moves to 3. "Next, I use Battle Medic and Sledge Striker to build the Overlay Network! With these two monsters, I Exceed Summon...Infinity Lancer in attack mode 2600 Attack.

Olivia looks curiously at the new monster, a soldier with partial black armor and wielding a broad-tipped spear. "Is that all you can do?"

"You should never ask that question, kid...and you're about to find out why!" Will continues. "I equip Infinity Lancer with 'Dimension-Breaking Spear' giving it an additional 800 Attack Points!"

Olivia is beginning to look nervous as the soldier's spear begins to glow, three segmented tips appearing from it. 3400 Attack "Uh oh..."

Will points to Olivia. "You didn't want to make it easy, so I'm gonna send it to you hard! Infinity Lancer, attack Brutaur!"

The soldier charges as the minotaur-like creature, smashing through the shield...yet the monster remains on the field. "Huh?"

Olivia breathes out a sigh of relief. "Phew...when Brutaur hits the field, he gets a Shield Counter. Since you attacked it, all I had to do was get rid of the Counter to make sure it stays alive."

Will makes a frustrated sigh. "I end my turn."

Olivia nods. "Okay...I draw!" Olivia examines the field and her hand. "First, I'm switching Brutaur to attack mode, and since it doesn't have a Shield Counter on it, its defense and attack points switch!" 2700 Attack "Next, I play the spell card 'Angry Roar'! Until the end of the turn, Brutaur gains Attack equal to its defense!"
Will looks on as Brutaur's brown fur turns blood-red. "Guess you're playing hard too..." he mutters.

Olivia points to Infinity Lancer. "Brutaur! Attack Infinity Lancer!"

"Not so fast!" Will lets out. "I activate my trap 'Iron Stance!' Not only does this card switch my Lancer to defense mode, but it makes sure that he survives your attack!"

Olivia watches as the two monsters clash, the battle ending in a draw. "Hmm...I end my turn, so Brutaur's attack goes back to normal..." 1700 Attack

"My turn! Draw!" Will lets out. Will looks at the field, then at his hand. 'I got this!' he thinks. "I summon 'Infinity Summoner' in attack mode!" A yellow-haired, gothic dress-wearing girl appears on the field 900 Attack. "Thanks to her effect, whenever she's summoned, I can special summon one 'Infinity' monster from my deck to the field, as long as its level 4 or less. But first, I haven't forgotten about my Stopwatch!" Stopwatch's hand moves to 5.

Will looks confident in his move. "So now, I'm calling out 'Infinity Twin-Swordsman' to the field in attack mode!" (1600 ATK) "And I equip my Summoner to Twin-Swordsman as an Equip card."

Olivia rolls her eyes. "Still too weak. Your monsters don't have the power to beat Brutaur..."

Will smirks. "Sure they do...especially now that I can activate my face-down card."

Olivia looks concerned. "Huh?"

"I activate...Linked Charge!" Will lets out. "Since I have a monster equipped with a Union monster on my field, I can target one monster on your side of the field and destroy it!"

Olivia begins to utterly panic as Twin-Swordsman and a spirit-like version of Summoner dash at Brutaur, slashing it apart. "No! Nonononono! What did you do that for?"

Will points at Olivia. "I guess that puts this brute out of the..." Olivia's side of the field begins to rumble and shake as a massive hand - similar to Brutaur's but larger and paler - rips through the ground as a larger doppelganger of Brutaur appears, covered in purple veins. "What the-"

Olivia looks overly apologetic. "I'm sorry! Whenever Brutaur's destroyed by a card effect, it just loses it!" she says. "Even I can't tell what it'll do!"

Will places the last card in his hand on the field face-down. "Um...well because of Iron Stance my Lancer is stuck in defense mode so I'll end my turn here." 'What the heck is she panicking about? That guy looks bigger, sure...but...' He thought as he examined the creature's stats on his GPA. "Uh...Warped Soldier Battletaur...3500 Attack points?!?"

Olivia looks at her hand and field, but Brutaur is snarling and rearing up to attack without her even giving the order. "S-sorry! Brutaur can't stop itself from attacking...and I can't stop it either!"

Will looks at the field. "Great...Iron Stance can protect my Lancer, but my Twin-Swordsman won't survive that mad bull's charge...didn't want to use this..."

Meanwhile back at the duelist lounge, Michael and Tacey suddenly stand up with shock.

Michael gives Tacey a frown. " you feel that?"

Tacey looks uneasy. "Y-yeah...that felt...really scary..."

Michael narrowed his eyes. "A duel spirit that has too much power for it's user to control...not only hurting the spirit and user...but others around them...but...I haven't felt this energy since..." Michael's eyes widened, growing a look of anger. "We need to go, now!"

Back at the duel, Will raises his arm. "I activate Blades of Containment!" Will says, hoping the three blades that strike the ground around Battletaur can stop it. Rather, the trap card doesn't seem to activate. "What now?!?"

The immense monster stops pounding on Lancer, whose doing its best to stay in defense, only to throw its axe at Twin-Swordsman, cutting it in half. The backlash from the attack knocks Will to the ground. LP 3300

Olivia sees horrified at the monster's attacks. "I...I'm sorry! Battletaur can't be targeted by any spells or traps!"

The monster snarls anew before continuing to pound on Infinity Lancer, litterally breaking the ground under the soldier's feet. Olivia looks on desperately. "S-stop...STOP IT, PLEASE!!!"

Will tries his best to get up, still feeling the pounding his monster is taking, as if he was being bashed. "The...hell is...that thing..." he says, unable to get any higher than on his knees.

Olivia looks at her hand. "I...I can't do anything!"

Will tries his best to get up. "I...draw!" he painfully lets out as the monster begins to huff. "Urgh...glad he's taking a breather. First...I switch Lancer to attack mode, destroying 'Iron Stance' in the process. Next...I use all of the Time Counters on my Stopwatch, breaking it in the process...' The Stopwatch goes from 6 to 0, before shattering. ' summon 'Infinity Warrior Lord' in attack mode!" The warrior that appears is dressed in an azure-and-silver armor with a blazing crest over his head, wielding a sword covered in blue flames. 2400 Attack

"Warrior Lord's effect...when he's summoned, I can give 500 Attack and Defense to any of my Infinity monsters, so I'm giving them to Lancer..." Will explains, hoping Lancer's attack, as well as the special ability of Dimension-Breaking Spear will get rid of the beast. "And thanks to the spear, if this attack goes through, your monster'll be banished!" Azure flames erupt from Infinity Lancer's spear 3900 attack as it charges Brutaur, slamming its weapon into, and through, its armor.

Olivia breathes out a sigh of relief as her monster disappears from the field. Olivia's LP: 3600 "I'm...I didn't think it...I thought I could control it this time!"

Will sits on his knees. "Just glad that thing's..." he says before Olivia's trap card activates on its own. "Huh?"

Olivia looks worriedly at the card. "Wh-what? How did 'Pulse Reborn' activate!" she lets out before noticing two of her cards leave her hand.

(Pulse Reborn: Continuous Trap card. Activate by sending as many monsters as the total levels of a banished monster you control to the Graveyard. Special Summon that monster, and it gains the following effect: if this card destroys a monster your opponent controls, it can attack one more time.)

Will looks on with dread as Battletaur emerges from the ground anew, its armor pierced where the spear struck. "This is...a nightmare..."

Battletaur charges at Lancer now 3400 ATK and skewers him with his horns before tossing it aside. Will's LP: 3200. It tend rushes at Warrior Lord, ripping it apart with its axe in a fit of bloodlust and rage Will's LP: 2200

Olivia runs towards the out-of-control monster. "Battletaur! Stop!" she lets out, only to be knocked off her feet by the creature's free arm swinging at her.

Will tries to keep on his feet, only for his legs to give out. "Shit...I'm done for..."

As Battletaur swings at goes through him...the creature has returned to being a hologram. Will breaks out in a cold sweat. "...what...the...?"

"Hush...remain calm...your mind is like a river...and it is spring...the sun in the clear sky reflects in the water that is your soul..." Michael's words came from where Will saw Olivia fall over.

Will turns to see Michael placing his open palm against Olivia's forehead, her mask on the floor and her eyes closed.

Will looks on, his vision getting blurry. "The hell's...going..." he slowly lets out before collapsing on the ground.

Michael keeps his palm on Olivia's forehead, turning off her duel disk with his free hand. "Tacey...turn off Will's duel disk, now."

Tacey runs over, breathing hard. "My goodness..." she says before kneeling down and hitting the 'Off' button on Will's disk. "What..." She looks around, spotting the structural damage to the walls and floor. "What did all this?"

Michael gives her a stern look. "...well there WAS a giant Minotaur-like creature stomping through the ground just now...gonna put my bet on him."

Tacey looks at Michael. "I was to do all of that?"

Michael looked back to Olivia. "Because someone forgot the advice I gave them..." Michael then picked up the mask. "...espeically about covering up her marks of faith."

Tacey tilts her head. "Her...what?"

Michael ignores Tacey, lightly slapping Olivia to wake her up. "Hey, Olivia, come on wake up..."

Olivia slowly opens her eyes. "Mh...morning already?" she groggily asks.

Michael lets out a sigh of frustration. "Come on you've been through worse than this...oh and Tacey throw this mask away."

Tacey examines the mask. "Huh? Umm...what is that thing?"

Michael sighs again. "'s just a normal plastic mask...Olivia you with us yet?"

Olivia blinks for a moment, before locking onto Michael, blush quickly appearing. "Must'nt fangirl, musn't fangirl...gotta stay calm, everything- SO COOL! It's Michael Silver! I've been looking everywhere for you! I got all your pictures, and posters, and even copies of your old deck! I even named my cat 'Michael'! Can you gimme an autograph, pleeeeease!"

Tacey drops the mask in the trash before walking back over to Will, trying her best to get him on his feet...until she notices the girl's attitude. " she for real...?"

Michael got up with a look of frustration. "Olivia it's only been a few years since we last met, please stop acting like you don't know me..."

Tacey let out an irritated sigh, before noticing the girl's face. "Huh? What's that you got there?"

Michael took a stren attitude. "Those are the reason she lost control...Olivia I told you a million times to stop covering up your marks."

Olivia pouts. "You wouldn't say that if everyone thought you were a freak..."

Getting a closer look, Tacey noticed the girl had three strange markings on her face that matched Michael's highlight colours of green, blue and yellow.

Michael folded his arms. "Looks like I've got a bit of explaining to do...but first let's get Will back to the lounge.
On the TV screen, George Stone walks up to his side of the arena, looking relaxed as he slowly waves to the crowd.

The announcer, feels the need to speak for him. "George Stone has completely dominated this tournament so far, but if he thinks he's the only predator on this field he better watch out!"

Tacey looks at the screen. "Is he really that strong?"

Andrea nods. "I think George has been around since when duel monsters was first released...but his opponent..."

"Could his opponent, an up-and-coming Venus with drive to spare, stop Stone's domination? Presenting the Speedster, Lewis Dyson!" The announcer yelled, the crowd responding with excitement.

The duelist that literally runs on to the field, hyper actively shuffling his deck. Dressed in a hot-rod red track suit, he seems more ready for a race than a duel.

Lewis gets to his drawing position. "I'm gonna run circles around you, old man!"

George just smiled whilst readying his duel disk. " the Velociraptor challenges this old fossil..."

George's duel disk seemed to be a very old make, looking very similar to the first Kaiba-corp models.

Lewis shrugs off the comment and activates his hot-rod shaped duel disk.

The announcer looks at the two. "The duelists are set, and rearing to go! Brace yourselves, folks, because it's time to..."


Lewis quickly draws his opening hand.

George folds his arms, anticipating Lewis' impatience.

Lewis takes a quick peak at his hand. "Too fast for ya? I summon 'Velocity Roadster"!" he says, as an armored race car screeches onto the field. (Level 4, 1600 ATK). "Next, I activate Roadster's effect! By sending it to the graveyard, I can add one 'Velocity' spell card to my hand. So I'll grab 'Checkered Flag' and play it!"

Lewis keeps going, never looking at George. "With Checkered Flag, I can banish one 'Velocity' monster in my graveyard to special summon one 'Velocity' monster from my deck with twice the level and the same attack power... so I'm cruising the fast lane by banishing 'Velocity Roadster' to summon 'Velocity Supersonic'!" The new monster that appears is an armored supersonic-jet, carrying a large satellite antenna. (Level 8, 1600 ATK). "But that's not all! Everytime Supersonic gets equipped, I can deal you 800 points of damage!"

"You forget 'Checkered Flag's second effect young one..." George interrupts. "During the turn you activate it, I take no damage...such reckless tactics."

Lewis makes an irritated face. "I can still put three cards face-down and call it a turn."

George unfolds his arms and draws his opening hand. "...first off, I summon Corporal CopperWing." A heavily armoured peacock wearing an army helmet flies onto the field. "His first effect changes him to defense mode." 2000 Defense / Level 4 "His second effect allows me to special summon a level 4 or lower monster from my hand that can use 'egg counters'...such as Captain Sharpsight!" A Falcon with light combat armor and a matching helmet eneters the field. 1700 Attack Level 3

"And his effect, allows me to special summon a level 3 or lower monster of the same kind from my deck except another come Tactician Windcatcher!" A small sparrow carrying a backpack filled with tools and a pair of goggles enters the field. 1200 Attack Level 3

Lewis takes a brazen stance. "Those birds aren't fast enough for me! I activate the trap 'Gear Shift'! Since you special summoned more than one monster, I can special summon another from my hand whose level is lower than the total level of all the monsters you have! So...I'm gonna zoom to the finish line with 'Velocity Warp-Speeder!" (level 8, 1000 ATK).

Lewis looks at the other cards on his field. "Next, I activate my trap, 'Speed Jump'! I can attach any 'Velocity' monster I have on the field to it to increase its Attack and Defense power, so I'm patching Supersonic to Warp-Speeder!" (2600 ATK). "And here's the kicker: not only can't my machine be taken out by your card effects, anytime it destroys a monster, you take damage equal to that monster's Attack!"

Tacey looks startled at the oversized machine. "That's bad...I wouldn't want to get hit with those special abilities..."

George seems unphased. "Very rude to interrupt, haven't even given my troops time to grab their ammunition...because when they are summoned, they each get an egg token." All three birds ready a chicken egg inside a small pouch.

Lewis looks at the monsters and can't help by explode in laughter. "What next? You're gonna scramble me an omelette?"

"More scramble your removing an egg token from Sharpsight...he can destroy any spell or trap card on the field...say for example that equipped monster." Sharpsight grbas the egg, throws it into an artillery cannon, and aims for 'Supersonic'.

Lewis looks at the monster. "Not gonna happen! I activate my trap 'Eject Crash'! By detaching Supersonic, I can negate your monster's effect and destroy it!" Supersonic detaches itself from the space-age roadster and zooms towards Sharpsight like an out-of-control plane.

However Supersonic gets intercepted by Windcatcher, and gets an egg thrown into it's windshield, sending it off course and exploding.

Lewis looks on, slack-jawed. "What the heck was that?"

George shakes his head slowly. "Windcatcher's removing an egg counter, he can negate any trap card at any time."

Lewis grits his teeth. "No one scratches my paint and gets away with it!"

George looks at the field. " backfield I see. But I shan't hold back, I equip Copperwing with 'Egg Launcher' by removing his egg coutner he can now reduce an opposing monster's attack by 1000." Copperwing readies what looks like a light blue bazooka and shoots it at Warp-Speeder. "You got his effect wrong, Warp-Speeder can only be effect by cards that affect his attack or defense."

Lewis looks at his monster, then at the card in his hand. "Not gonna happen! By sending my 'Velocity Race-Captain to the grave, I can stop your monster's effect from kicking in gear!"

George looks at his hand. "I'll go easy on your for now then, see where you go with this...I'll have Windcatcher take out Warp-Speeder and then have Sharpsight attack directly!" Both Military birds soar towards their targets.

Lewis grits angrily as his monster is destroyed, only for Sharpsight's dive-bombing attack to knock him off his feet.

George folds his arms. "I end my turn."

Andrea sits down and lets out a sigh of boredom. "...see this is why I never like watching his duels...he's either way too patient...or is too soft on his opponents."

Lewis looks at the field. "You scratched my paint, thrashed my ride...and you're gonna regret it! Draw!"

Lewis looks at the card he drew and chuckles. "Time for the main event! I activate the spell card 'Maximum Overdrive'! Thanks to this, I can choose two 'Velocity' monsters in my graveyard, treat them as XYZ Material, then bring out a Rank 8 XYZ monster, with those two monsters attached to it! With Velocity Warp-Speeder and Hypersonic, I build the Overlay Network and Exceed Summon...Velocity Speed-Demon!" (Rank 8, Fire/Fiend, 3200 ATK)

George closes his eyes. "Don't forget the 'no damage this turn' effect that card brings, like you did at the start of this duel young man."

Lewis looks at his monster. 'That won't change a thing', he thinks. 'The moment my monster's ready to roar, I'll be able to use his effects and detach both my monsters to rip his field apart. He won't live to see next turn, especially not with those plucked turkeys on the field...' Lewis points at George. "You're not gonna see a next turn! Once Speed-Demon's revved and ready, your chickens are toast!"

George opens his eyes. "...if you're done yelling, are you going to keep holding that last card in your hand or end your turn?"

Lewis gets annoyed by George's remark. "I'll place it face-down and end."

George draws a foruth card. "Draw...first I summon Sergeant RedFeathers, and of course he gets an egg counter." 1900 Attack Level 4. A large chested rebird with a large bandolier lands on the flied.

Lewis looks tired. "Jeez! You live in a hen house or something?"

George smirks "A henhouse that's filled with fowl ready to blow you to smithereens. Behold his effect, by removing that egg counter he can halve an opposing monster's attack." RedFeathers takes the egg and loads it into what looks like a grenade launcher, before firing it at Velocity Speed-Demon. "Your Speed Demon's 'passive' effects are of those monsters attached to it...but that won't save you."

Lewis is fuming harder than Speed-Demon's engines. "Oh yeah? Try this on for size! I activate the continuous trap 'Cruise Control'! Thanks to this, I just gotta detach one Exceed material from Speed-Demon, and its Attack and Defense won't drop this turn!" Speed-Demon drops Hypersonic to dodge the egg bomb. "I'm getting sick and tired of you egging my rides!" Lewis lets out. "If you're too scared to play chicken, then get off my streets!"

George chuckles. "Alright let's finish this with my 'wing-man', see when there are monsters using egg tokens on the field...I can special summon this guy; Private Seed!" A small pigeon wearing a flight helmet almost too big for him flutters onto the field and salutes, causing females in the audience to go 'awwww'. 500 Attack Level 1 "And his the troops! Private, Refeathers and Sharpsight need ammo on the double!" On command, the small pigeon carries two eggs to it's companions.

Lewis looks at Private. "Grr...that little pipsqueak!"

George doesn't bother speaking, and instead presses the commands on his duel-disk, causing Sharpsight to bomb the 'Cruise Control' spell.

Lewis looks at the card blow up. "Ah, come on!"

"Redfeathers." On command, the large bird loads another egg and this time actually hits it's mark, covering the huge vehicle in a strange glue like substance that comes from the egg. 1600 attack

Lewis looks at his XYZ Monster. "Urgh...gonna need a car-wash for this..."

George closes his eyes. "Redfeathers, take it out." The bird takes to the sky before taking out a small machine gun and fires upon the stuck behemoth.

Lewis braces himself as his oversized speed machine is destroyed. (LP:2000)

"Sharpsight, Seed, direct attack!" The pigeon and falcon fly side-by-side before dive bombing into Lewis, knocking him off his feet. 0LP

The announcer looks at the field. "And George Stone dominates again! Will anyone stop his ascent? Tune in for the next duel, folks!"

Andrea yawns and stretches as the commericals come on. "Yep...usual slow duel for Goerge..."

Tacey looks at the field for a second. "...Huh?" Tacey tries to get closer. "Um... Andrea? Is it me, or is Private Seed still there?" Tacey notices 'Private Seed' does not vanish with the other monsters and instead flies onto George's shoulder.

Andrea raises an eyebrow. "...say what?"

Tacey points at George's shoulder. "Right there. The little bird on his shoulder."

Andrea walks over, squinting her eyes at the TV. "...ehhh...nope, I don't see it."

Suddenly Tacey recieves a text from Michael; 'Coming over now, I know you saw it too, I'll explain when I get there'.

Tacey checks the message. "Michael's coming over...he wants to talk."

Andrea grunts. "I thought he was going to FINALLY duel me..."

Minutes after the duel, Will is walking towards the arena, eyes on his schedule. " idea when Tacey will duel...and my next match is..." he says to himself, seconds before bumping into something hard.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" A girl's voice yells out.

Will pulls his eyes from his schedule sheet...only to spot a teenager sporting a red cape and covering herself with it like a robe, and a silver mask. Her light-brown bangs end in thick curls, and her jade-green eyes seem to stare right through him.

The girl shrugs before pulling out her duel disk. "If you want to make it up, then try and duel me!"

Will looks at the girl's duel disk, which looks like it's made of carved wood. "Ugh...what did I get myself into...?"

Meanwhile back at the duelist lounge, Michael and Tacey are in a private room, Tacey with a cup of coffee whilst Michael drinks from his flask as usual.

Michael is silent for a few seconds as he puts his flask back into his bag. ", you already know what a duel spirit is...but I'm guessing you've never seen spirits belonging to other duelists before right?"

Tacey shrugs. "Pretty much...even with Yumi, I didn't really know."

Michael placed Dospe's card on the table. "Because know what. Your connection to spirits has grown immensley, even without anything physical happening yet. Spirits like Dospe...and that bird...are what we call key-spirits...playful ones that like to hang around with duelists outside of battle." Michael taps the card a few times, causing Dospe to come out and start flying around the room. "...for certain reasons, I tell Dospe not to come out carelessly. But like that bird, you can still see him right?"

Tacey lifts her coffee mug and takes a sip. "Yeah...I guess so. I mean, there's that weird feeling around him, though."

Michael lightly nods. "'s that same feeling that I got around Yumi when she was trying to hide herself as a human...over time you should be able to differentiate this feeling from say, a cold shiver or hairs standing on end." Dospe stands on the table pulling a few faces whilst Michael continues. "I'll say right now, don't go off trying to communicate with 'spirit holders'...and especially not wild spirits."

Tacey tries to stay serious. "Spirit holders? Wild spirits?" she says before putting the cup down, doing her best not to laugh at Dospe's antics.

Michael sighs. "Spirit holders...duelists for one reason or another, have a duel spirit companion. Wild Spirits...are duel spirits wandering without an owner, usually due to being discarded by their owner...but there have been very unique cases, but each time they've always become spirits through extreme emotions such as hatred or sadness...and they are very dangerous."

Tacey looks down for a moment. "Just like you think...they can be fixed?"

Michael tries to sound a bit more uplifting. "Of course they can, after all it's part of our job. Just don't try to encounter any now is what I'm could end up like an old...friend...of mine, she was lucky only her cape caught fire and nothing else."

Tacey looks confused. "Cape? Who wears a cape?"

Michael looks off to the side with an un-easy expression. "...people who hopefully stopped chasing me months ago..."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 9
George Stone finally shows off his unique deck. And Tacey gets a crash course in Duel Spirits.
Having been moved up to Saturn rank, Will now has his own house, however Will is just sitting on his bed, looking through the cards of his Extra Deck.

"Damnit, sis...what the hell did you leave me with?" Will says to himself, reminiscing the dark Duel Spirit's words.

"-Tacey, I know you want to talk to him but let him cool down first." Michael's voice came from outside.

Will overhears Mike's comment. "Ugh...not the right time..."

Tacey's voice comes from just outside the door. "Look, I just want to apologize, that's all!"

Will puts his cards down and gets up, then walks towards the door, but rather than open the door, he locks it. "Tacey, go away!"

Tacey grabs at the doorknob and tries to turn it, but it won't budge. "Will! Open up!"

"Forget it!" Will shouts before letting out a sigh. "Look...I know what you're going to say, and you and I both know this isn't gonna do the job."

Tacey backs away from the door. "Will?"

Will places his forehead against the door. "There's just one way you can make it up to me and my beat that son of a bitch on live TV, and maybe then I'll forgive you and Yumi, got it?!?"

Michael rolls his eyes. "What exactly would that solve or prove Will?"

Will closes his eyes. "It'll prove that she's grown strong enough to take care of herself...and get back at Haynes for everything he's done!"

Tacey looks uneasy. ""

Michael let out a heavy sigh. "She's only JUST broken free of..." Michael lets out another sigh, coming across as fed up. "No point in discussing that with you, point is Will, the way Tacey is right now, she might as-well have just woken up from a coma."

"Tell that to Laura's grave!" Will shouted.

Michael looked down. "Did 'Laura' tell you to treat Tacey like this?"

Tacey looks back at Michael, then back at the door. "Just...stop it, you two!"

Michael, looked over at Tacey, slowly shaking his head as if to say 'not yet'. "I won't claim I know everything about you, Laura and Tacey...but if I had to use my common sense, I'd say Laura wouldn't want you digging more graves or treating your friends like thugs." Michael began to walk off.

Tacey hesitantly walks over to the door and rests her hand against it. "I promise..." She says before walking off, following Michael.

Will turns and slumps down against the door, a tired smile on his face. "...Thanks, Tace."

Tacey lost track of Michael, so instead of wandering around searching for him she decided to head back to her room to change. The moment she reaches for her wardrobe, she tosses her oversized hoodie and jeans in the trash. 'Will... you're not the only one who misses Laura. She was my best friend, too...' She thinks before looking at her room. "Ugh...feels like I was living in a pig pen. Yeesh!" She says to herself before putting on a blue t-shirt and matching pair of shorts. "As soon as I get dueling again, first thing I'll do is get a new apartment...and maybe some clothes shopping!" Tacey slides into a pair of white sneakers and puts on a sleeveless jacket she keeps open before grabbing her duel disk from the top of the pile of discarded clothes. Tacey looks down at her duel disk. "...and maybe a new disk, too? Boy, I really need to get with the program!" she says to herself before walking out of her apartment and running towards the bus stop to the Duel Stadium.

At the duelist lounge, Tacey finds Andrea on one of the couches using her PDA. "Ngh...why the heck hasn't Michael accepted my duel request yet?"

Tacey takes her breath as she sits down on the couch in front of Andrea's. "Phew! Why'd Michael have to run off?"

Andrea rolled her eyes up to look at Tacey but still had her head down. "...if you want to tell me you know Michael just say so..." Andrea commented before putting her PDA away.

Tacey blinks for a moment. "Umm...yeah he got me out of a...bad spell?" She says, not sure if telling someone the truth would be wise. "My name's Tacey, by the way..."

Andrea sighs. "Andrea...and how come he accepts almost every duel request, like over a hundred from what I heard, but then he suddenly stops accepting the requests he's gotten!?"

Tacey tilts her head. "Umm...he really dueled a hundred people?"

Andrea laid back on the couch, making sure nobody else could sit on it. "It's only a rumor...or hyperbole...or somethin' like that...point is I need to duel him ASAP."

Tacey looked at her own disk. "I see...I really need to duel, too: I got an Exodia Warning, and I need to get out of Mars."

Andrea was quiet for a moment, staring at Tacey with half-closed eyes. "...exodia warning...dang, sorry to hear that girl."

Tacey makes a tired smile. "If Michael hadn't pulled me out of...that rut...I would have ended up kicked out, and wouldn't have even cared." Tacey looks back at Andrea. "Besides, I owe someone a big favor."

"Sounds like it's Michael who you owe the big favor to..." Andrea commented.

Tacey's smile fades. "I was being sarcastic..." She says, frowning. "I owe Samuel Haynes for getting in my head to begin with..."

Andrea coughed, trying to change the subject. " you think you could get Michael to accept my duel request?" Andrea asked in a very soft tone, now sat-up with her hands in her lap.

Tacey tilts her head anew, frown dissapearing. "Why are you so intent on dueling him?"

Andrea tightened her fist. "Same reason everyone else does, he's so freaking powerful that I'm sure defeating him will get me tons of experience!"

Tacey shrugs. "Well...I can try..." Tacey turns on her PDA. "Let's see...Michael..."

Tacey tries to send a message, typing slowly as if she is unsure of how the device properly functions. "Michael, a girl named Andrea wants a duel. Can you do it?"

Tacey got an immediate reply; "Later, watching the finals for that tournament George Stone is in."

Tacey looks confused. "Umm...who's George Stone?"

Andrea pointed over to the TV. "Guess that guy dueling on TV right now."
Yu Gi Oh: Tower of Faith | Chapter 8
Wish we could upload more of this but, busy times at the moment, sorry.
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