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Nightly : the bard of Nightfall by aNIGHTLYpony

DAYUM this is epic! First off I like the style you went for with Nightly (the character) himself, going for a realistic style with the hoofs, mane and body, yet still sticking with the show's style with the eyes and mouth. Next the background and foreground, the very dim yet passionate light coming from the flowers compared to the mystic and silent stillness of the night-sky, add that to the fact that with the power of shading, lighting, proportions and even blurring the foreground flowers makes the picture even more powerful and realistic! Speaking of how the pic looks realistic, I freaking LOOOOVE how you did Nightly's mane. =D The blue strands sparkle and glisten which such mystique and beauty, while the white strands are simple yet vagrant, their difference only making Nightly himself more amazing to look at and makes him more fantasy-like, which is fantastic!!! Also, the clouds in the sky, so realistic and yet they look like they came straight from a world of fantasy, brilliant! The moon and stars, it was definitely a good idea not to make them sparkle much but, with them just being white makes the background look like it's made of paper, another bad thing is the leaves coming from the trees...after seeing so many artists use that tool from just takes away from the style of this pic and...destroys the beauty of the shading and the background. Last but def not least, Nightly himself, first is lute or w/e it's called, made it realistic but kept it simple, good, doesn't stand out when it's next to Nightly yet it's quite big. =3 Freaking LOVE the lighting from those flowers on Nightly, gives of the warm passionate feeling of the picture. Also how you did the lighting and shading on his hair/fur really makes it more realistic as it shows the fur off itself, instead of the show which makes it look like they have no fur but skin. >3> Also the eyes...DAYUM DEM EYES ARE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL BRO! So gentle, yet full of inspiration and kindness...freaking atmosphere in this pic is off-the-scale! Finally the pose...again what I mentioned of going realistic yet sticking with she shows style; Nightly holding the instrument but not so much that he looks in any way human, and on his haunches, sitting back on the grass, but not so far he's sitting up like Lyra would. Freaking beautiful man! 9.4/10!!! ^_^
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