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Just outside Blue Eyes Burger, gathering an unwanted crowd, Will and Andrea face each-other with three shops-length separating them.

Will activates his duel disk. "So, how do you want to make this happen? Slow and steady? Strong off the bat? or all-out?"

Andrea activates her cybernetic disk. "You think I'll let you know my strategy right off the bat?" She asks with a mischievous grin. "Guess it's time to see which of us Karen taught best." She commented playfully.

Will smirks. "All-out, then. Ready when you are!"


Andrea quickly drew her fifth card. "I'll start out steady...first by settign a monster, and then destroying it to special summon Cyborg Bear!" 2000 Attack. A Black bear on it's hind legs with a plasma cannon replacing it's right arm and most of it's head revealing cybernetic parts. "Turn end."

Will draws his opening hand, before looking at the bear. "No back row? Hmm..."

Will takes a brief look at his hand. "I summon Infinity Twin Gunner in attack mode!" A dark-skinned, pale-haired man in a judoka outfit appears on the field, spinning a pair of long-barreled pistols. 1400 Attack.

"Next, I play the continuous spell 'Spirit Tethering'." Will continues. "Thanks to this, I'm allowed to equip one Spirit monster from either my hand or my graveyard to one of my monsters, so I'll be equipping 'Elemental Spirit Gnome' to my 'Twin Gunner', boosting its firepower by 800." The gunner's weapons begin emitting a sandy aura. 2400 Attack. "But since I don't know what your Bear can do, I'll activate my Gunner's ability: by halving its attack points for the rest of the turn, it can attack directly! Twin Gunner, let it rip!" Will lets out as the Gunner slides sideways to aim away from the bear to attack Andrea.

Andrea takes the attack, her life points dropping to 2800.

"I'll place one card face-down and pass it on to you." Will concluded. "And since my turn ends, my Gunner's attack goes back to normal."

Andrea draws. "My turn...and you'll never guess who I destroyed last turn to get Cyborg Bear onto the field...Treeborn Frog, return!" 100 Defense.

Will cocks an eyebrow. "Unless your monster is a Tuner, I'm guessing you're going for a higher-leveled monster, right?"

Andrea put her hands on her hips with a wild grin. "Or use him as destroy fodder for my Cyborg effects."

Will cocks an eyebrow. "Meaning?"

Andrea looks back at her hand. "I could bring out one of my favourite monsters but I'll keep this steady pace, I set two cards. "Then tribute Treeborn Frog for Cyborg Tyranno!" 2500 Attack, a giant T-Rex with half it's body replaced with rusted, red robotic parts leaps onto the field with chainsaw-like teeth and glowing green electric eyes.

Will looks at the oversized, rusty creature. "Okay...that's a big one."

"Cybrog Tyranno's effect, by destroying a card you've gotta discard one card each time you activate a monster effect, time to destroy the first of my back-row." Cyborg Tyranno munches up the face-down card before a cannon grows on it's back. "Chain! As in I activate Chain Whirlwind! If a card gets destroyed, I can target two spell or trap cards on the field and blow them away with it!"

Will looks at his field. "So, which two will you destroy?"

Andrea seemed confused for a second. "Oh wait I forgot! Your equipped monster counts as a spell...well in that case, I target your face-down and Spirit Tethering!"

Will smirks. "Thanks. Since you destroyed my 'Broken Stopwatch', I can add the real deal to my hand from my deck."

Will looks at the field. "And since 'Spirit Tethering' is gone, Gnome returns to my hand." Gunner's aura fades, his ATK back to 1400.

Andrea tilted her head. "Of course...speaking of, the card I destroyed was Statue of the Wicked, special summoning a Wicked Token!" 1000 Attack. Andrea looked at the field. "If all these attacks go through then you're done Will, should've laid down more back-row. You know I'm the best at destroying the field."

Will shrugs. "That's what you think. Let's see what you can do."

Andrea points over to Infinity Twin Gunner. "Cyborg Tyranno attack! Rusted Chain-Chomp!" Cyborg Tyranno charges towards Twin Gunner with it's mouth wide open, revealing countless sawblades inside.

Will looks at his hand. "I activate 'Infinity Neko' from my hand! By sending this furball to the graveyard, I can cancel your monster's attack!"

Andrea jumped back in shock. "Oh come on! Nggh, alright we're still in this, Cyborg Bear your turn, Cyber Claw!"

Will lets out a sigh as his Gunner is clawed apart by Cyborg Bear. 3400 LP

Andrea snapped her fingers. "Let's not forget Wicked Token!" The token threw itself at Will, bouncing off his head.

Will gets knocked down by the token. He rubs his head as his LP drop to 2400.

Andrea grinned. "Lastly, I destroy Wicked Token to activated Cyborg Tyranno's second effect." She explained as the giant dinosaur consumed the small token, causing it's arms to change into small cannons. "Now you can't summoned level three or lower monsters, that's my turn."

Will gets up. "Well, that was a pretty strong turn." he says. "Let's hope I can top it! I draw!"

Will looks at the card he just drew. "I play 'Alignment Choice'. Now, here's a question: are any of your monsters Dark?"

Andrea shook her head. "Bear is Earth, and Tyranno is Light." The t-rex roared as if to confirm her statement.

Will lets out a sigh. "That means 'Alignment Choice' allows me to draw two cards, as long as I discard one. So, I'm sending 'Gnome' away."

Will looks at the cards he just drew. "Okay... it's a stretch, but I think this could work." he tells himself before looking at the field. "First, I place my 'Infinity Stopwatch' on the field!" A familiar oversized, silver-framed stopwatch appears on the field, the minute arm at 1. "Next, I summon 'Infinity Gunblader' in attack mode!" A spiky-haired, roguish-looking man appears, dressed in a long trench coat and holding a broad sword with two barrels strapped to it in a shotgun hold. 1900 Attack.  "Next, I play the equip card 'Divergence Catalyst'..." Will continues, his tone going from determined to mildly worried as his creature is surrounded by a dark aura, his skin during purplish-dark and eyes turning red. "While this turned my monster's attribute to Dark, it also transforms his ability completely. The upside to this is that my monster's Attack and Defense increase by 500." 2400 Attack. Will looks back at the field. "Also, since a monster was just summoned, my Stopwatch gains one Time Counter." he says as the hand moves from one to two. "Now then. I'm having my Gunblader aim at your Cyborg Bear! Lock on and fire!"

Andrea flinches as Cyborg Bear is blown up. 2400. "Heh, guess our life points are even now." She comments.

"Looks like it." Will says. "I place one card face-down and end my turn."

"Draw!" Andrea looks at the two cards in her hand. "First off Treeborn Frog comes back since I have no spells or traps!" 100 Defense. The Stopwatch moves to 3. "Well guess I better prepare for next turn; I first summon Cyborg Scientist!" An old man with a giant claw-like metallic right arm and half his face made of robotic parts wearing an oversized lab-caot teleports onto the field. 1500 Attack. Stopwatch moves to 4. "Then destroy Treeborn Frog to activate his effect; I get to draw 2 cards!"

Will keeps an eye on the watch's dial, not sure what he should be more worried of.

Andrea draws but isn't too impressed with her hand. "Awww come on...well Cyborg Tyranno and Scientist can't destroy more cards and I'm out of normal summons, so Cyborg Tyranno attack Gunblader! Rusted Chain-Chomp!"

Will looks down at his face-down card. "I was hoping to use this later, but...I activate 'Iron Stance'! Not only does this force my monster to defense mode, but as long as he stays in that stance, you can't destroy him in battle!"

Andrea wails her arms at Will in frustration. "Oh come on! Fight like a real warrior Will!"

Will cringes. 'Believe me...I wish I could...' he thinks. 'If I don't draw the right card on my next turn, I'm stuck...'

Andrea looks back at her hand, sighing in dissapointment. "I've got nothing, my turn's up."

Will takes a long breath. "Here goes...draw!" he says before looking at the card. "Not what I was hoping for, but close...I tribute my Gunblader to summon 'Infinity Warrior Lord' in attack mode!" A tall man, dressed in a suit that mixes both nobility and samurai aspects, appears on the field, wielding an overly long katana. 2400 Attack. Stopwatch moves to 5. "However, since my Gunblader has left the field, Iron Stance is destroyed." Will takes a second to think. " Tyranno's effect still up? or is it a one-turn thing?"

Andrea puts one hand on her hip. "You really think I'd destroy two cards for a one turn effect?" Andrea then folds her arms. "You can still activate your Lord's search effect though."

Will lets out a sigh. "Wouldn't it just not work? I mean, you did say I couldn't activate effects unless I sent a card from my hand to the grave, right?"

Andrea sighs in frustration. "This is why you dropped out of the duel academy...let me put it simply, YOU aren't activating the effect, Tyranno stops YOU rather than your since Overlord's effect happens whether you like it or not it's gonna go through."

Will cringes at the comment. "Fine...I'll add 'Infinity Battle Medic' to my hand." he says, letting the comment about dropping out sink in, even as the Stopwatch's dial moves to 5. "Since we're playing that way, I activate my Stopwatch's effect, rewind the clock by four to special summon a level 4 monster from my deck...and I choose 'Infinity Martial Artist!'" A brown-haired girl with a flowering bandanna appears on the field, dressed in a yellow yukata and holding a steel bo. 1600 Attack. "And since she was successfully summoned, her effect allows me to draw one card!"

Will draw his card. "Here goes...I'll have my Warrior Lord attack your Scientist!" Infinity Warrior Lord rushes at Scientist, unsheathing his sword and slicing in one fluid movement.

Andrea smirks as Scientist is sent to the graveyard. 1500 LP. "Scientist's second effect, when he's destroyed and sent to the grave, I can search my deck for a Cyborg monster..." Andrea looks through her deck. " need to bring out dragon...I add Cyborg Ninja to my hand!"

Will looks back at the card he drew. 'If I can hold until the next turn...' he mentally tells himself. "I place one card face-down and end my turn."

Andrea draws her fifth card. "Leave it to Cyborg Scientist to bring my hand back to five again...oh and tree born frog returns to the field!" 100 defense. "Then I'll tribute him for Cyborg Ninja!" 2200 Attack. A tall slender red ninja with a long katana pulsing with electricity and trying to hide it's robotic parts with red leather sneaks onto the field. Stopwatch goes up to 3.

Will takes a look at the ninja. "Not as strong as your rust-bucket of a dinosaur, but... I'm sure he's got some crazy effect."

"You'll find out soon, next I play the spell card Double Summon! So I can bring out Cyborg Unicorn!" 1900 Attack, a majestic horse with robotic legs and a tall tesla coil for a horn gallops onto the field. "Then I set one card I play Reptilliane Rage on Ninja, but it won't stay long. Cyborg Ninja will destroy it and Unicorn will destory my face-down!" Both creatures destroy the designated cards with lightning attacks.

Will grits his teeth. "Ah what?"

Andrea smirks as Cyborg Ninja uses a cloaking device and Cyborg Unicorn starts to glow intensly. "Cyborg Ninja now can't be affected by traps, and until the end of the turn Cyborg Unicorn isn't affected by any other card effects."

Even with the Stopwatch at 4, Will looks concerned. "Terrific..."

Andrea points to the graveyard. "Don't forget the destroyed cards, Reptilliane Rage makes your Lord lose 800 attack, and another statue of the wicked, but I'll play it safe and put them into defense mode." 1000 Defense. Andrea ignores the stopwatch going to 5. "Alright let's kick things off, with that decreased attack Cyborg Ninja can take out your Lord!" Cyborg Ninja moves at lightning speed before appearing behind Infinity Warrior Lord and slicing him clean in half from behind.

Will braces for impact, his life points dropping to 1800.

"Next up Cyborg Unicorn, attack his Martial Artist! Tesla Beam!" Cyborg Unicorn blasts a huge laser at Infinity Marital Artist.

Will almost loses his balance, his life points dropping to 1500.

Andrea puts one hand on her hip before dramatically pointing with the other hand at Will. "Time for the finishing move! Go for it Cyborg Tyranno! Direct Attack! Rusted Chain-Chomp!" Cyborg Tyranno charges at Will with it's chainsaw teeth roaring at high velocity.

"Not gonna fall yet!" Will lets out. "I activate 'Armament Mediation'! I can add one 'Infinity' or 'Spirit' monster from my deck or graveyard to my hand, and since I have no monsters on my field, I can special summon it! So... I'm calling back 'Infinity Warrior Lord'!" The noble warrior reappears on the field, his sword broken and his armor tattered, even though he remains in a defensive stance. 1800 Defense.

Andrea flails her arms again in frustration. "Damn it! I should've used Cyborg Ninja's second effect to negate all traps! Tyranno destroy Warrior Lord!" Cyborg Tyranno grinds up Warrior Lord in it's mechanical teeth. "That's my turn done."

Will checks the clock, which is now at 6. "Here goes...draw!" Will looks at the card he just drew and smiles. "All or nothing...I play the spell card...'Pact of the Stopwatch'! With this, I remove all Time Counters from my Stopwatch, which destroys it... then this allows me to call out an Infinity monster - an XYZ monster - from my Extra Deck, whose Rank is equal to the number of Time Counters I just removed...meaning I can call out a Rank 6 XYZ monster!"
Will skims through his Extra Deck. "When a Lancer evolves, armor grows from valor and devotion! I XYZ Summon... Infinity Knight!" A tall man, dressed in a silver-and-obsidian armor from head to toe, save for the face, which is blackened in contrast with white hair. The knight brandishes a massive spear, which ends like a clock pendulum. 2800 Attack

Andrea grins. "Alright, now we're talking!"

"Next, I summon my Infinity Battle Medic to the field!" A young man dressed as a field medic appears, hard knuckles as weapons. 1500 Attack. "Thanks to his effect, I gain 500 Life Points for every Infinity creature I have in that's a total of a thousand!" The Battle Medic grabs a large med-kit from his backpack and tosses it in mid-air, golden sparkles raining down on Will, his LP going up to 2500.
Will looks at the field. "All or nothing...and it's probably gonna hurt." he says to himself. "Infinity Knight, attack Cyborg Tyranno!"
Andrea tightens her fist in excitement even though Tyranno is destroyed and her life goes down to 1200 LP.

Will looks at the field, then back at his disk. "Now that Tyranno's gone, his effect-cancelling ability is gone, so I'm going to show of my most powerful cards. Ready for the show-stopper?"

Andrea sighs. "All becuase I didn't put in Cyborg Ninja's second effect, can't believe I let you carry this out."

Will smirks. "Well, time for the main event. I use Infinity Knight as material to build the Overlay Network! When Knights lose their ideals, one becomes the nemesis of spirits! I XYZ Summon! Explode to power, 'Infinity Destroyer'!" A massive man dressed in blood-red armor from head to foot, wielding the Knight's lance in both hands, roars onto the field. 3000 Attack. "I activate my 'Destroyer's effect." Will lets out. "I remove Destroyer's XYZ Material to destroy Cyborg Ninja. Not only that, but it deals you damage equal to half of Cyber Ninja's attack power!"

Andrea is knocked off her feet from the aftermath of Cyborg Ninja exploding. 100 LP.

Will lets out a sigh. "That's my best for now. I end my turn."

Andrea grunts as she gets back on her feet. "No kidding...time for a major comeback, draw!" Andrea smiles. "First off Treeborn Frog Returns!" 100 Defense. "Thanks for not attacking the Wicked Token with Battle Medic by the I've got Cyborg Unicorn and two other monsters on the field. First I set one monster and destroy it with Cyborg Unicorn's effect!"

Will taps his forehead. "Urgh...knew I forgot something."

Suddenly two dandelion tokens float onto the field. "The card I destroyed was I destroy wicked token, treeborn frog and Cyborg Unicorn to ace monster!"

Will smiles. "A clash of top monsters...let's see it!"

All three monsters exploded in a cascade of light before a huge metallic cylinder came from the ground, heavy pounding can be heard from the inside, a huge assortment of growls accompanied it before the container ripped open and out stepped a six legged, four tailed, two headed beast with half of the mentioned body parts being entirely robotic spewing lava from one mouth and lightning from the other, crushing the earth beneath it's feet. It was more than twice the size of Infinity Destroyer.

Andrea leaped into the air as she fist pumped. "Fusion Summon! Cyborg Chimera!" 3000 Attack.

Will looks up at the creature. "Oh crap...this thing is freaky."

Andrea grew a look of extreme excitement. "Cyborg Chimera's effect, by destroying two cards I can use one of three effects..." Cyborg Chimera devoured the fluff tokens created by Dandelion.

Will cringed as he watched the Chimera devour the tokens. "Yikes..."

Andrea pointed over at Will's monsters. "Cyborg Chimera...destroy all monsters on the opponent's side of the field!"

"Ah no!" Will let out as his two monsters were obliterated by the Chimera's lava spew.

"And guess what Will?" Andrea asked. "Cyborg Chimera can attack after using his effect!"

Will lets out a sigh. "Well, I pulled out all the stops I could. You know what to do!"

Andrea nodded with a smile. "Cyborg attack! Dual Cyborg Ultra Cannon!!!" Cyborg Chimera fired a beam from both mouths which joined together into a giant sream of energy that was bigger than Chimera itself.

Will gets ripped off the ground and knocked down several feet away, groaning in pain from the impact. LP: 0.

Andrea punched the air as the hologram of Chimera dissipated. "Wooooo! Oh yeah! That was awesome!"

Will seems confused in his emotions, laughing half-heartedly through the pain. "Yeah...craziest duel yet...ow..."

Andrea runs over to Will, rolling her eyes. "Come on, I'm not like Michael my attacks aren't real so stop hamming it up." She comments before offering Will a hand.

Will slowly gets up. "Yeah, yeah...I'm up." he says as he accepts her hand. "It really came down to the pins and needles. If I hadn't been angry about the whole 'drop-out' thing, I probably wouldn't have let you pull that chimera out."

Andrea scowls. "Hey, I could've stopped your trap if I hadn't forgotten to activated Cyborg Ninja's second we both made a similar mistake, even ground, no excuses."

Will shrugs. "True. Just hope that'll be enough to hold on against that crazy duelist with Uria and those trap monsters..."

Andrea smiles. "Still that was nuts...winning with only 100 life points left...heh, I feel like I can take on that Machina guy now."

Will gives her hand a shake. "Glad I could help."

Back at Michael's Apartment, Michael stands over Tacey who's sitting on one of the sofas.

"Do you remember what I told you about how to go into your own mind?" Michael asks.

Tacey takes a second to think. "Touching my head, right?"

Michael sighs in frustration. "No."

Tacey closes her eyes for a second. ""

Michael rubbed his eyes. "Similar to how you enter the Tower of Faith, but you focus on something personal and close to you like an important memory."

Tacey takes a moment to try and remember it. "Alright..."

As Tacey went into a meditive state, Michael narrowed his eyes, grunting in discomfort. "...daughter of the light duelist leader...her spirit monsters are disconnected from the rest of the duel monsters world...and then there's the report of a girl sharing her name at the Japanese Duel Academy..." Michael closed his eyes before reaching out to Tacey's forehead as her marks glowed. "...Tacey White, I'm honestly scared of what I'll find inside the broken pieces of your mind and soul."
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